New Swaddle Blanket And Band Allows Parents To Monitor Baby's Breathing


There’s a lot of anxiety involved with caring for a newborn, and one of those has to do with SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. Many parents worry that their baby will suddenly stop breathing while they are sleeping, which is why tech companies have been scrambling to provide creative and effective breathing monitoring systems. Some of them aren’t ideal, and involve babies needing to be connected to wires or wear possibly uncomfortable monitoring gear, like anklets.

However, this spring Nanit is introducing a new, less invasive way to monitor your baby’s breathing with their Breathing Wear— a comfortable swaddle and breathing band that doesn’t involve your child having to wear electronics.

According to Romper the product, being is being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 as part of the Baby Tech Summit, works in cahoots with their super popular Nanit Plus nursery camera. Apparently it features a unique pattern and ink scientifically engineered to be read by the nursery camera, so not only can you see and hear them but also monitor breathing. Pretty cool, right? Eventually, in fall 2019, the company plans on expanding the collection to include pajamas, onesies and sleepsacks in sizing from birth to 24 months.

And while the camera itself may be a bit on the pricier side at $279, Breathing Wear will be sold in single packs and 3-packs in March 2019, starting at $25. If you want to spring for the Nanit Complete Monitoring System (consisting of the Nanit Plus nursery camera, swaddle, breathing band, mounting system, travel-stand, and one-year subscription to Nanit Insights, which provides additional sleep tracking, analysis, and coaching) prices will start at $379. If you can’t afford to pay for the system all at once, the company even offers financing with monthly payments for the set as low as $34.

Yes, the kit is definitely an investment. But if it eases your stress just a little, we say it is worth it!

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