Upside Down Jeans Is The Latest Bizarre Fashion Trend


Each summer the fashion world manages to shock everyone with the craziest, most bizarre fashion trends and it looks like this year is no different. In fact, many fashionistas and trendsetters will agree that upside down jeans are the new trend that has taken the style world by storm.

Apparently, upside down jeans are inspired by the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” and have already hit the streets of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. They might not make much logical sense, but many style enthusiasts have been buying these new jeans in bulk.

Made by Cie Denim, the “Nancy” jeans shorts are designed to look like they’re being worn upside down. According to the company, every item that they have available is one of a kind, made in New York City and also made out of hand-selected vintage denim.

Credit: CieDenim.com

But here’s the catch: the upside jeans come at a whopping $385 price tag, and yes people are buying them. In addition, their inverted jeans are retailing for about $500.

Cie Denim’s creative director Kelcie Schofield explains that the upside-down concept was designed to give the classic denim jean a creative, modern twist. Schofield, who founded the company back in 2017, also notes that sustainability is important part of the design process. She says that her team have decided to make each pair of upside down denim shorts of out recycled jeans to help reduce the massive waste that is usually left behind by the clothing world and fashion industry.

The unconventional shorts and jeans have captured the attention of just about everyone on the internet and yes, there are fans that are excited to get their hands on them.

So far many fans have called upside down jeans a huge game changer in the style world. Some have even called them “the coolest jeans ever” and believe that this trend will stand the test of time.

Now whether or not these upside down jeans remain in style by this time next summer remains to be seen. For now they are the hippest, most happening item on the streets, whether critics like them or not.

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