'Nail Beanies' Are the New Instagram Nail Trend & It's Perfect For The Colder Weather

If your manicure consists of a rounded tip and solid color,ย this new nail trend may seem a bit radical for you. Nail artists have definitely been pushing the envelope lately, creating a wide variety of different looks and creations ranging from rainbow nails to fish nails to even gender reveal nails. After all, people love to express themselves creatively through their hairstyles and their clothing and makeup, so why not their manicures as well?

Korean nail artist Eun Kyung Park, creator of theย nail_unistella Instagram pageuses her social media page to showcase her amazing nail art creations. Her nail art ranges from classic manicures to shocking nail art to wild creations, and she always seems to be pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity.

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Her latest creation are "nail beanies," an idea she came up with, according to Cosmopolitan, because she couldn't see her manicure when she was wearing gloves.ย "I'm always wondering what nails we could be doing in the future," Park toldย Cosmopolitan, "so I try these new things out and add some trendy elements while making them fully comfortable to wear in daily life."

Park explained to the magazine that she has been experimenting with different nail coverings for years, and the nail beanie has just kind of evolved from that.ย  "I previously thought that wearing a Barbie doll's tiny beanie on my nails would be fun, and I even took a photo of myself wearing thimbles on all my fingers in 2014 saying it's 'Korean beauty,'" she said. "I think what's important is the fact that I'm always challenging myself to create something that can be used in the future."

Love them or think they're totally ridiculous, Cosmo does point out that Park's designs are usually quite popular, and it probably won't be long until you see celebrities and fashion houses sporting this new nail design.ย "I always say that nail art also needs something unique that catches the eye, and that sometimes, nails can actually be used as a form of jewelry," Park noted.

If you don't want to spend money to try your own nail beanie manicure, you could cut the tips off any kind of glove you may have or even a disposable glove and bedazzle it however you choose.

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