People Are Getting Matching Pedicures With Their Dogs

It's true, dogs really are man and woman's best friend. Anyone who has a dog can tell you that they're loyal and loving and simply the best, which is why this new trend isn't really all that surprising. People have been buying outfits and accessories for their dogs for years, often ones that match their own outfits or are perfectly seasonal. Between sweaters, booties, hats, and bandannas, dog owners love to dress their furry friends up to look good. Pawdicures, the dog version of the pedicure, is becoming increasingly popular, and people can't help but get their own pedicures to match their canine companions!

Let's face it, there's nothing better than a fresh pedicure during the summer month when you're wearing flip flops and open-toed shoes all the time, and matching your pedicure with your dog's pawdicure just takes the awesome level up a few notches.

Nail trends are hugely popular, especially over the summer months, and frankly, we're shocked we haven't seen this trend before. It seems people can't get enough of painting their dog's nails to match their own pedicures, and the results are totally adorable.

If you love the idea of matching with your pooch, you need to know that you can't simply use your own nail polish to paint your dog's nails. In fact, nail polish made for humans can be quite toxic to dogs. As Dogsaholic points out, nail polish you buy at the local drug store or beauty supply is perfectly fine for you, but it could be toxic to your dog because it contains chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde.

Since dogs are constantly licking their paws and chewing on their nails, it's important you only use a dog-safe polish on their nails. The good news is that pet groomers will know this and have it on hand, and if you want to do your own 'pawdicure' you can buy dog safe nail polishes online.

Dogsaholic also suggests checking your dog's paws beforehand to ensure there are no open cuts or scratches that could be aggravated by applying the polish. Pet safe polish is made from all-natural ingredients making them safe if and when your dog licks their nails. They tend to use ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, and vitamin E so you can be sure that the polish won't cause your dog any harm. Make sure you buy dog-safe remover as well if you're planning on doing your pawdicures at home.

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Whether you're painting your dog's nails for an occasion, holiday, or just because you want them to look fabulous, pawdicures are definitely a nail trend we're loving! They're definitely much cuter than the recent trend of long toenails too.


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