10 Myths About Child Psychologists, Busted

Life can be really tough sometimes, and whether you're in elementary school, high school, or you're a grown-up, it can be a good idea to see a therapist if you're having a difficult time. There used to be quite the stigma attached as people would think that you shouldn't tell anyone that you were going to therapy. Thankfully, that is starting to change and people are much more honest and open about struggles.

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But there's one area that people are still a bit hush-hush about and that's child therapy. Some people have certain feelings about this subject and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Here are 10 myths about child psychologists, busted.

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10 Child Psychologists Aren't Necessary For Kids

According to Child Mind, some people think that if kids are anxious or depressed, they can handle it on their own. That would suggest that some people also think that child psychologists aren't necessary for kids.

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That's definitely a myth because if your child is having a tough time, taking them to a therapist is a really good idea. The website mentions that behavioral therapy is good in this situation.

9 Child Psychologists Will Judge You

Desmoines Parent says that parents are worried that if they take their child to a psychologist, they will be told that they're a "bad parent" and this is why they're there.

That is definitely not true and is another myth. It's definitely true that moms and dads are often concerned that they will be told that their choices are wrong and the way that they're raising their little ones should be changed. But that's not what will occur when a parent takes their child to see a psychologist.

8 There's No Point

Child Mind mentions that some feel that there's no point to send kids to a psychologist because it's a "waste of time." The website talks about cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) which is what child psychologists can help with.

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Thinking that there's no point in taking kids to see a therapist is another myth that should be busted. When you're a parent, you will do anything that you can to help your little ones, and if that includes going to talk to someone so they can shed their expertise and knowledge on a problem, that's a really good thing. And even if your child doesn't connect with the psychologist and talking to them doesn't seem to help, you can always try someone else.

7 Kids Will Always Struggle With The Reason They Went To A Psychologist

According to Child Mind, this isn't the case at all.

The publication notes that if kids can talk to someone about what's going on at a young age, then they have "a good chance of managing or overcoming symptoms and developing into a healthy adult." This is definitely good for parents to know and remember.

6 Your Child Will Have To See The Psychologist For A Long Time

It might seem like if you make the decision to have your child see a psychologist, they will have to see them for a long time.

Babble says that this isn't the case. The time frame is really up to you and how the psychologist communicates with you that things are going. It's very possible to have your little one see a psychologist for only a few months or a year, and then take a break or decide that they can stop seeing them.

5 Instead of Talk Therapy, Medication Is The Way To Go

Some wonder if children should be given medication instead of going to see a child psychologist, and Hopkins Medicine mentions that this is a myth. Some feel that this will fix things and there would be no reason to go sit in a therapist's office.

The problem with thinking this way? Not every kid will be given medication (nor should they be). That will always be your choice as the parent and it's what you feel comfortable with based on the advice that you've gotten and the research that you've done. For many kids, being able to talk things out is the way to go here, and they will see positive results.

4 Kids Can't Have Anxiety Or Depression

Hopkins Medicine also says that one myth is that "Children don’t experience mental health problems. They are either moody or 'going through a stage.'"

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This idea should be busted because anyone can have anxiety or depression. Of course, a parent never wants to think that their child is going through something difficult, but it's better to find a therapist and face it head-on.

3 Kids Should Only See A Child Psychologist If A Mental Health Diagnosis

Desmoines Parent also points out that some people believe that if a child has received a mental health diagnosis, that's the only reason that they would see a psychologist.

This isn't true, either, because parents can take their little ones to a therapist if they want them to have someone to talk to about anything that's troubling them. Thankfully, there is less of a stigma surrounding talking to a therapist these days, and that should be true of both children and adults.

2 The Psychologist Will Only Talk To Your Kid

When you send your child to see a psychologist, they are going to talk to your child and get to the root of what's bothering them. But it's also possible that the child psychologist will bring up some ideas for how to better deal with hard emotions, like breathing and being mindful, as Kids Health says.

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The website also says that children might do some art or something else that will be helpful during the session.

1 Parents Won't Be Involved

A final myth about child psychologists is that they won't have parents be involved in the therapy. Thinking that your child would always sit with the therapist alone and that you might not know what's going on could make you anxious and nervous.

Instead, as Today's Parent points out, moms and dads might not only sit in but also be given advice about what to do at home. Again, there is no reason not to hire a child psychologist if you feel that it would be helpful. You want the very best for your little ones and knowing that you can be involved in the process, too, will definitely put your mind at ease.

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