Your Kid Can Call Your Favorite 'My Little Pony' For The Holidays

Christmas is such a fun and exciting time of year for kids and parents, but it can often be an expensive time of year as well, which is why this free opportunity from My Little Pony is so amazing!

If you have a fan of the uber-popular My Little Pony world in your house, they can now call a toll-free hotline and hear a very special holiday message from none other than the Mane 6 ponies! Kids can simply dial the My Little Pony "Best Gift Ever Hotline" at 833-249-0483 and then they choose from 6 different options, depending on which pony's message they want to listen to. We have a feeling that fans of the adorable series will be eager to listen to all 6 messages, so you may want to give them some time when they begin calling.

Pressing 1 will let your child hear a special message from Princess Twilight Sparkle, 2 will deliver a message from Rarity, 3 is Applejack, 4 is Fluttershy, 5 is Rainbow Dash and pressing 6 will deliver a sweet message from Pinkie Pie. Whether your child has a favorite pony or simply wants to listen to them all, they can choose. The best part is that it's totally free so as long as parents are OK with it, they can call as much as they want!

Credit: Hasbro

According to Romper, the hotline is a tie-in for the latest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Best Gift Ever" special, which is currently available to watch on Netflix in case your child hasn't already been binge watching it since it premiered in October! The special shows your favorite ponies deciding to reduce their holiday stress levels by drawing names, so they only have to buy one gift each. Since they're only buying one, they want to ensure they're buying a super special gift for the recipient, and although I haven't seen this one yet, I have a feeling they all learn that friendship is truly the 'best gift ever.'

Even if your child isn't a die-hard My Little Pony fan, the special does sound pretty cute, and it has a great message. And who doesn't love something for free around the holidays? Make sure you let your child call soon though, the holiday hotline is only around for the holiday season.

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