10 Must-Have Items For A Day Trip With Baby

Heading out with your baby for the day? If you know you won’t be back home any time soon, whether it’s to spend the day at a local park, visit a friend, go shopping, or take a day trip to walk about downtown, you’re probably searching frantically around the house to make sure you don’t forget anything.

You never want to get caught far away from home without a diaper, snacks, or your baby’s favorite rattle or pacifier. And sometimes the most obvious things are the ones that “mommy brain” might make your forget.

So before you head out on your daily adventure with the baby, here’s a list of 10 must-have items to ensure you bring along or buy before you head out to check off your “day trip” must-have list.

10 Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag and Matching Changing Pad


This attractive diaper bag and changing pad combo is great because the design is unisex for both men and women, and the messenger style means you can carry it over one shoulder when you’re headed to the bathroom for change time, drape it across your chest if you’re carrying it for longer, or clip it to the back of the stroller while walking. There’s also a tote handle if you prefer to carry it that way.

Made of polyester, it has a zip-top closure to keep items safely stowed away inside, and an easy-access tech pocket you can use to slot your smartphone, keys, or wallet so you don’t need to bring a purse along as well. It has 11 pockets in all, including four interior pockets for keeping items organized, like a dirty bib away from the snacks and diaper rash cream, and mesh side pockets for holding multiple baby bottles in the event that you don’t get the chance to wash one before it’s time for the next feeding session.

9 4-Pack Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle


You might use glass bottles at home, or nurse for the most part. But a good set of plastic bottles is essential for day trips, whether you’re mixing formula in them or bringing along expressed breast milk.

This set includes four 8-ounce bottles that are phthalates- and BPA-free, four nipples, and covers for keeping the contents safe inside while traveling and the nipple clean. The vent system helps eliminate air bubbles that can cause colic, spit-up, burping, and gas, all of which can be a drag on a normal day but especially trying when you’re out and about with baby. And they are all dishwasher-safe.

8 Innobaby Packin’ Smart Stackable and Portable Storage System


This packable storage system is super handy for bringing along and separating all of your baby’s or toddler’s snacks, pre-portioned formula for mixing, and more. Grab different snacks like Cheerios, fruits, crackers, and treats and keep them in separate containers that you can stack together to place in the car, diaper bag, or in the stroller’s undercarriage bag. They are great for storing and organizing grab-and-go snacks in your pantry if you tend to head out in a rush multiple times a week as well.

Made of BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, and lead-free high-quality Tritan, there are 5 lids/bases and containers that are all interchangeable. Each can hold up to about 8 oz. of contents, ideal for a day's servings of formula.

7 Burt’s Bees Unisex Baby Sweatshirts


Finished in a unisex grey, this cute zip-up jacket/hooded coat is the perfect item to bring along just in case baby gets cold indoors when the air conditioning is running, or if it starts to get nippy outside. Layers are a baby’s best friend, and while you might not want to bundle your baby up to take them out on a hot summer day, you never know when the weather might turn or you might be indoors somewhere where it’s cold.

Made of breathable organic cotton that is sensitive on the skin, it has a snap closure and is machine-washable. Sizes range from newborn and 0-3 months all the way up to seven years.

6 Baby Mum-Mums


This variety pack of the popular baby snack includes three 1.76-ounce packs of the original, banana, and vegetable-flavored rice rusks that baby can chew, bite, or suck on to keep them occupied and satiated in between meal times.

With no artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives, they are also gluten-, egg-, and peanut-free making them ideal for babies who have already exhibited signs of allergies to any of these types of foods, or who you might be worried could have one.

5 Bumkins Starter Bib


It’s best to bring a bib that you can easily wipe down after use when you’ll be out for a day versus keeping a dirty (and potentially smelly) cloth one in the diaper bag until you get home. These 100% polyester bibs are waterproof, washable, and stain- and odor-resistant thanks to a cotton layer, and come in a pack of two with cute patterns on each.

They attach over the back of the shoulder with a hook and loop design so baby can’t easily tug it off, and each has a pocket at the front to catch crumbs. It measures about 8” across and 6” from the neck down. If you require more intense cleaning once you get home, you can also throw them in the washing machine.

4 Simple Joys by Carter’s Bodysuits


Designed for girls, this set includes five bodysuits in fun patterns and colors that you can easily roll up and pop into a diaper bag for quick changes should there be a spill, diaper leak, spit-up, or other unfortunate accident.

In sizes from preemie to 24 months, the cotton fabric content varies depending on the size and color, but each has a snap closure on the bottom for easy diaper changes and an expandable neckline to make changing clothes easier. They are machine washable once you get back home from your day out.

3 Amazon Elements Baby Wipes


No mom should ever leave the house without a sufficient amount of baby wipes. Not only are these necessary for diaper changes (and you will probably go through a small travel-sized pack quicker than you think!) but they can come in handy for wiping dirty hands after you let your toddler mow down on a small ice cream cone, dirty mouths, or even quickly wiping down a pacifier, toy, or teether that might have gotten dirty.

This pack includes 480 wipes packed with a flip-top, allowing you to pop the whole thing right into the diaper bag. They are unscented so they won’t irritate a baby’s sensitives skin, and formulated to consist of 98.3% water with no fragrance, dyes, or alcohol.

2 BIBS Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier


Your baby might have a favorite pacifier, but you should always get a second one to keep in the diaper bag 24/7, for emergency use. This one, which comes in three sizes from 0-6 months, 6-18 months, or 18-36 months, is BPA-free and comes in 65 different color options, including this two-pack with nice subtle dark oak and blush finishes.

Fully free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC, they’re perfectly safe for your little one to self-soothe when needed, whether it’s due to teething pain, tiredness, or boredom as you go about your daily activities.

1 Infantino Spiral Activity Toy


A toy like this one can keep a stroller- or car seat-secured baby entertained for hours as they explore the colors, animals, sounds, and textures. It includes four hanging toys following a farm theme, each offering a different sensory interaction.

The toy can easily wrap around the handles of a car seat or stroller and is suitable for babies aged 0 all the way up to 12 months. BPA free, once you wash it, it’s fine should baby want to bite down and explore using their mouth.

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