10 Must Have Back To School Supplies For Grade Schoolers

Back-to-school time is upon us, which means kiddos need to stock up on all the tools they will need for a successful school year! Most schools, classes and teachers offer up lists of needed items, and there will always be basic necessities that young students need in the classroom.

That being said, this list will surely help guide back-to-school shopping! It is full of useful supplies, such as pencils and paper, as well as some fun products (like sequin-covered backpacks and themed erasers) that will help the start of the year be extra fun for bright young students out there.

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10 LEGO Lunch Box


LEGO blocks have been played with by kids for years and years, and now, all of that fun can be enjoyed in the cafeteria, too; this LEGO lunch box looks like a giant building block, but it actually holds a child’s meal for lunchtime!

It is easy to clean, it is free of BPA, phthalate and PVC, and it comes in either red, blue, lavender or sand green. It is common for many students to carry lunches to school, and this quirky container is a stand-out piece that could lead to new conversations and new friends even.

9 Crayola Giant Box of Crayons


Crayons are a go-to school supply for elementary students since many subject areas involve coloring and creating projects and works of art. And everyone knows that not just anyone crayon will do… It has to be Crayola!

This giant box contains 120 different Crayola crayons, which all offer a smooth and durable design. This big box is also great for storing these supplies, and it comes with a sharpener, allowing kids to keep their crayons ready to go. There are so many options out there, but these 120 Crayolas are sort of a must-have product!

8 8-Pack Hand Sanitizer Travel-Sized Keychain Carriers


Health and hygiene are important, especially for youngsters at school, which is why these travel-sized hand sanitizer carriers are next on this list. They feature colorful jelly wraps and unique unicorn designs, which will appeal to many children.

The one-ounce flip-top bottles can attach onto backpacks, lunchboxes or other places, for easy access. Plus, these carriers are easy to refill, meaning they can be used over and over by everyone in the house (especially the kiddos who are getting ready to head back to the classroom, where sickness and germs will be everywhere, unfortunately).

7 ZIPIT Wildlings Jumbo Pencil Pouch


All of a child’s pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, markers, colored pencils and scissors need to be kept somewhere between uses, and there may not be a pouch as cool as this one.

Wildlings, monsters and creatures can appeal to many ages and genders, so this is a great storage solution for lots out there! It is another stand-out piece that will get kids excited about returning to school, and it will help remind them how and why to return all of those supplies back to their desks/lockers after using them.

6 Magic Reversible Sequin Backpack


It is time to talk about the backpack of all backpacks… For many students, this supply is the most exciting to buy, as it serves as a sort of foundation for everything else. There are endless designs, prints and colors from which to choose, but this sequin option is the best! It has that magic, where the sequins are reversible, and it also has reinforced shoulder straps and mesh pockets for extra storage.

It comes in plain colors, as well, like green, pink and orange, and the two sequin choices are blue silver and silver purple. It keeps getting better, too, as this backpack can fold up into itself, which is great when storing it or when traveling.

5 Creative Rubber Pencil Eraser Gift 


Whether a mistake is made or a creation needs to be modified, erasers are very handy in the classroom and during homework time. Why go for boring ol’ average erasers, though? These food-themed ones are another must-have product!

There are several designs, featuring things like a Coca-Cola can, French fries, a hotdog and a hamburger, and it would be super neat for children (and adults!) to use them while working. Plus, they can then be stored in the monster-themed pencil pouch mentioned above, which would fit nicely into the sequin backpack that is above, as well!

4 Crayola 50ct Washable Super Tips Markers


Another Crayola product, as well as an Amazon’s Choice product, would be this pack of 50 super tip washable markers.

They offer lots of variety, whether a child is coloring a picture at home, correcting work at school or making a piece of art during a creative lesson; yes, with this many different shades, lots of beautiful works will be made - That is for sure. These are durable and long-lasting, so they should get many students through the entire school year, helping to create more success and fun in the classroom and beyond!

3 Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks


Glue is not the most exciting school supply, but it is necessary for many different projects, classes and activities. And Elmer’s is another name brand that is trusted by tons of parents and teachers. This particular pack offers three different sticks (the more, the better!) that are washable and non-toxic (and safety is always key!).

The coolest part is that these sticks go on purple yet dry clear, which is just a little something that may also appeal to more kiddos, getting them excited about the back-to-school season (which is definitely here… ready or not!).

2 Flexible Bendy Pencil


Another one-of-a-kind item to surprise a child with is a bendable pencil… or 35. This pack comes with lots of striped and colorful pencils that are flexible, making them like toys! They are all made from non-toxic rubber and offer a super comfortable grip and feel.

And, yes, they are actual writing tools, as they can be sharpened and used and have an eraser at one end. It is easy to imagine many children enjoying getting back to work if it means they get to use these zany pencils while doing their work and studying.

1 Dinosaur Era - Primary Story Journal


Last but not least, this notebook will surely come in handy for many elementary students. It has 100 pages in it with blank spaces (for coloring or for writing without a guideline) and with ruled lines (which make handwriting practice easier for children). This large primary composition journal will work for an array of classes, and it is a paperback, meaning it will easily fit into backpacks, desks and lockers.

And most students out there would surely agree that the neatest part of this school supply is the dino print, which is perfect for those who are into Jurassic Park or who dream of being paleontologists!

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