‘Mushroom Blonde’ Is The Newest Winter Hair Color Trend

mushroom blonde hair

Winter is a great season for so many reasons! We can finally bundle up, which is a great way to camouflage some of our holiday binging, LOL. It's beautiful outside, and sweaters and boots and scarves are finally back in style. You can rock that dark lip with nary a care in the world, since winter is all about the dark and stormy! But, if you're a blonde or hoping to become one during the winter months, it can be a struggle. Winter can be brutal on blondes, plus you might want to try out a darker color in the colder months! The good news is, you can have the best of both worlds with the newest hair color sweeping salons. You don't have to choose between blonde and a darker hair color, if you decide to with a mushroom blonde. It's the perfect balance of light and dark, and will take your hair from drab to fab during the winter months.

Don't let the name fool you - mushroom blonde may sound sort of strange, but it's really beautiful. The name was coined by Rockville, Maryland-based stylist Yokasta Perez. And it really does resemble the color of that edible fungus! It's the perfect balance of dark brown and ashy blonde, giving your hair depth and dimension.

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It's perfect for blondes who want to toy with the dark side a bit without fully committing, and it also works for brunettes who want to take a walk on the lighter side for a while!

Ashy blonde is a great option during the winter months. See, the lack of sun in the winter months can wreak havoc on blonde hair; natural blondes may notice that their hair gets gradually darker in the winter, and treated blonde hair can get dull and brassy without the sun's natural lightening properties. But when you go ashy, you can keep your blonde looking fresh and shiny.

Plus, this mushroom blonde is just a really gorgeous color! You can do it all over for a full look, or try an ashy mushroom blonde balayage on your darker hair.

Either way, we are all about this new winter hair trend.

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