New Monopoly Game Released Where Women Collect More Than Men When They Pass 'GO'

If game night is big in your house you may want to pick up Hasbro's latest version of Monopoly. While the popular board game has seen over a thousand different variations and themes, the latest edition is serving up a hefty dose of controversy as well as friendly competition.

Ms. Monopoly, the newest version of the iconic game that is being launched to celebrate female trailblazers, is the first edition of the game to feature a new character on the cover of the box. Mr. Monopoly's niece is described by Hasbro as "a self-made investment guru," who is "here to celebrate women trailblazers and update a few things. It’s about time!"

"Ms. Monopoly marks the first time in the game’s history where a new mascot will grace the cover," Hasbro said in a statement to Good Morning America."And while Mr. Monopoly is a real-estate maven, Ms. Monopoly is an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs."

The game is coming under fire after it was learned that the rules aren't the same for men and women. While traditionally players earn $200 for passing 'Go', in Ms. Monopoly women will earn $240 while men will still earn $200.

"Ms. Monopoly is also the first-ever game where women make more than men – a fun spin in the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men. However, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too," the press release for the new game states. Player won't be buying properties but instead will invest in innovations created by women throughout history.

To help celebrate the launch Hasbro gifted three young female inventors and entrepreneurs with $20,580 in real money— the same amount found in Monopoly money in every box — to help them further their research and studies.

"With all of the things surrounding female empowerment, it felt right to bring this to Monopoly in a fresh new way," Jen Boswinkel, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing for Hasbro Gaming told USA Today. “It’s giving the topic some relevancy to everyone playing it that everybody gets a turn, and this time women get an advantage at the start.”

People definitely had mixed feelings about the new board game and took to social media to express them.

Ms. Monopoly is available for pre-orders now.

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