A Teacher Was Caught Restricting Students’ Trips To The Bathroom And Nurse

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Now that most kids have headed back to school, we're starting to see a lot of viral content about students and teachers. Plenty of it is really great and showcases the human spirit and how wonderful people can be when they step up to help others in need. We hear stories about teachers going the extra mile, families supporting their schools and educators, and students beating the odds to flourish in school.

But we also hear stories that are not so great. Listen, the sad truth is, there are some pretty bad teachers out there, and we usually don't realize just how bad it can be until an example of their poor performance go viral. This is one of those cases, and we have to say, we're glad this teacher is getting so much heat for the way she treated her students. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and so incredibly harmful to students, and it really puts hardworking, dedicated teachers in a bad light.

A teacher at a middle school in Memphis is catching so much heat, after her hall pass contract went viral for ALL the wrong reasons. In case you've forgetting since your days as a student, a hall pass is what you ask for when you need to be excused from class to use the bathroom, aren't feeling well, or need to speak to the principal or something. Every student needs one once in a while, right? Well, Mrs. White at Aspire Hanley Middle School took it upon herself to threaten her students into not asking for one. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Mrs. White forced her students to sign an actual contract stating that they would only use TWO hall passes for an entire month during what looks to be 5 or 6 class periods. First of all, we're not sure how this woman doesn't understand that you can't force a minor to sign a binding contract, but we digress. TWO hall passes?! Kids need to use the bathroom!

Young girls start to menstruate around this age, can you imagine being forced to sit at your desk bleeding through your pants? Not only did she try to get minors to sign a contract, she threatened them with detention and zeroes on whatever assignments they had to take a break from to take an actual bathroom break.

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Luckily, once the district got wind of what this teacher was trying to do, they took action. Turns out, her little contract was against school AND district policy (no surprise).

Apparently, Mrs. White is still employed as a teacher at the school, which we aren't pleased to learn. She seems like the type of person to take her revenge out on her students after being ripped to shreds for her stupid contract. Hopefully, she finds a career more suited to her personality, and isn't allowed to shape young minds for much longer.

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