This Motorized Pool Float Lets You Play Bumper Boats Anywhere

If you're a fan of summer fun then there's a new float toy that might be for you! Dave Yonce (who once appeared on the T.V. show Shark Tank) has created a new motorized boat floatie called the GoBoat, which is now available for distribution. This new bumper boat is sure to be a hit for the whole family because of how convenient it is compared to other watercrafts.

The GoBoat is a motorized boat floatie that is sure to bring a little extra fun and adventure to your summertime water games. The floatie is intended to be used for bumper boats, and you can't get much more "summertime fun" than that.

According to the GoBoat website, Yonce got the idea when flying, then set to work on designing a prototype with his sons. This was back in 2008, and since then the family has worked on perfecting the design. The GoBoat is now ready for sale, and according to People, will cost between $299 to $314 not including the motor.

The GoBoat is portable and can easily be disassembled to fit into a vehicle. It also is able to be launched from anywhere on the shore, which means it isn't constrained to using boat slips or boat launching areas. Although it was created as a bumper boat, there are many other uses for the watercraft that may make it a welcome addition to any water lovers collection.

Dave Yonce is probably best known to the public for when he appeared on Shark Tank. It was there that he presented the IcyBreeze, a portable air conditioning system that he created. He is an entrepreneur and inventor that has been involved in many other ventures. This is simply his latest project.

More information about the GoBoat can be found on their website here. A portable boat that can be disassembled and easily toted around without the use of a trailer or specialized vehicle is sure to be a hit with water loving families. According the website, it is also good for fishing, hunting and sight-seeing on the water. And of course, bumper boats!

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