10 Little Things That Were Easier To Do Before Motherhood

Motherhood brings along an abundance of responsibility. It has you balancing the tasks that you must get done, along with your children's and potentially your partner's if they ask for the assistance. Before motherhood, you were likely dependant on yourself with no one else asking you for help, especially small children.

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Before motherhood, you could use the washroom without anyone following you. Before motherhood, you could likely get more sleep in one day than you do, now, in an entire week. There are the small things that were so much easier to do before you welcome motherhood. So, we hope you enjoy these 10 very relatable things that were easier for you to do before becoming a parent.


Oh, the simple pleasure of meals and enjoying one's food. How marvellous was it to enjoy a nice night out, ordering whatever you please, without the worry of a few tiny fingers, silently pulling a fry (or three) away from your plate?

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There was a time when you weren't scarfing your last few bites to ensure another human didn't throw their plate on the floor, solely to make a scene. Eating: what a joy it once was.


Phone calls may be well in the past now that you're a parent. Having to juggle a conversation while tending to your child's needs can be a little overwhelming. Now that you're a parent, you may be apologizing every 2 minutes or placing the caller on mute to zone those baby's cries out when need-be.

It can be hard to have a peaceful phone call. And, something that was so simple to perform seems to be a lot more complicated now that you're a parent.


Oh, sleep. A thing of the past. Some say we won't get it for another 18 years, while others swear by co-sleeping to ensure the toddler won't wake and drag you from your room into theirs, again. So, sleep will look very, very different from when you were childless.

Before motherhood, you were likely only to get a bad night's rest if you chose to binge watch a show or go out late with some friends. Now, you're sleep deprived because of midnight feedings and diaper explosions that occur before 4am.


Taking a shower and/or bath before parenthood was not a luxury: it was simply a day's task. Often, you got to enjoy the simple sensation of the warm water streaming down your back. Even reading these words will probably have parents recalling the distant pleasure of... hot showers.

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Now, you're lucky if you get to scrub under your armpits before a little head comes screaming in the washroom asking for a diaper change. Baths are lucky to be run once a month. And if they are, don't hold your breath for the water to stay hot. Someone may need you in the meantime....


We wish someone without a child would have read that title, just so we could see their confused expression. "Getting in a car? How could that be difficult," they'd ask. HA! Difficult... more like harder-than-running-a-50K-marathon.

Throw in a screaming, wiggly child, and you've got yourself a 30-minute task that was once a 2-minute thing you didn't think twice about. Now, don't be surprised if you consider how important it is to get to the grocery store, only because of the energy it takes to get the child inside and outside of the car without a fight. Welcome to parenthood.


Ok, so we're addressing a touchy subject. It's called: Mom Guilt. Now, we are bombarded with an elaborate and immense amount of information, opinion and statistics easily accessed by our fingertips- literally. We have parents who don't like to apply their makeup in front of their children, concerned with altering their expectations of beauty. While, some of us believe it spikes creativity and they should do whatever they please.

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However you feel, applying makeup still looks very different when you become a parent. You may have forgotten about it completely or changed the amount of items you use, due to the lack of time you have to apply it. And, if you get the chance to do a full-face, don't be surprised if your little one sneaks in and starts copying their parent's regime themselves.


We've  all heard that anonymous quote: either my children, myself or my home will look presentable today. Never all three. We could not agree more. It's very difficult to get ready for the day.

Whether it comes from your child trying on all of your clothes so you're unable to put them on yourself, or lack of energy to choose which outfit to wear (considering how many times your child as disagreed with their own choice of attire), you're looking at a completely new perspective on getting dressed for the day.


Drinking a hot beverage is well in the past, my friends. Between the juggling you'll be doing bright and early preparing meals and even getting around to making a cup of coffee, it's a very rare occurrence that said coffee will be enjoyed warm; let alone hot.

You may even find numerous cups scattered throughout your house from days prior. Okay, let's be honest: weeks. It's rare, once you become a parent, that you'll be able to enjoy your morning cup of coffee hot, considering how much you have to juggle on an average morning.


Yes- the beautiful connection we once made with other, like-minded individuals. Having a conversation was often just a day's experience. Now, we're lucky if we get to thank the barista. Children will interrupt a conversation anywhere, anytime and anyway they possibly can.

Now, not every child is as audacious as to blatantly pull their parent away from an important conversation, but age-permitting, some children simply do not understand what's socially appropriate just yet. So, we recommend you don't go to any important meetings with a toddler. Just a heads up.


In this day and age, it's not rare that you find a stay at home parent juggling a part time job. Or, two parents working full time while their young child and/or children are in child care full time. Modern day parents have a lot of responsibility. It is, indeed, overwhelming. It's difficult to do so with precision and grace. It's near impossible.

There, we said it. We're facing our truth. It takes a village, doesn't it? Even if you are going to work, a call to say that your child's vomited all over their classmate can turn a great, productive day into a day frantically finding care for your young one, which will likely result into you taking a sick day too.

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