The 10 Best Mother/Son Dance Songs

Weddings are an exciting and special time for the whole family. It’s traditional for the groom to honor his mom with a dance and the song selection is a big deal. This choice sets the mood for the entire moment.

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It’s up to each couple to decide if they want a light-hearted and playful dance or an emotional moment they’ll never forget. Consider both the personalities of the groom and his mom as well as their relationship when making your choice. To make it a little easier, we’ve created a list of the 10 best songs out there for this special moment.

10 In My Life

This classic Beatles song is a perfect blend of sentimental lyrics, beautiful music, and hippie vibes. The lyrics tell the story of self-reflection and love. The narrator is thinking back on who has mattered the most to him and who matters more than mom? This song is sure to bring a tear to every eye in the house.

It’s a sweet choice for any style of wedding. John Lennon and Paul McCartney knocked it out of the park with this delicate ballad. The award-winning song has the perfect tempo for a relaxed waltz with mom. If you want something a little laid back that still packs an emotional punch, this is a great option.

9 Forever Young

For lovers of 80s music, Rod Stewart’s emotional hit seems fitting for this special dance. Its lyrics and structure are very similar to a song by the same name by Bob Dylan. Stewart got Dylan’s blessing to produce his version. The two even share royalties earned by the track. The harmonious origin story makes the song that much sweeter.

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Every mom will see her children as her babies no matter how old they are. The lyrics perfectly capture the beautiful innocence a son will always possess in his mom’s eyes. Choose this song for your special moment with mom if you’re looking for a few tears and a little up-tempo fun.

8 The One Thing

Shakira beautifully captured some of the emotions of motherhood in the lyrics of “The One Thing”. “You’re the one thing I got right/You turn the darkness into sunlight”. Kids are an endless source of pride and joy for their moms.

The song has a more upbeat tempo that’s perfect for a light-hearted and energetic dance. With lyrics that capture the bright moments of motherhood and music that will get toes tapping this song is a great choice for the playful groom and his proud mama.

7 I’ll Always Love My Mama

The Intruders were a soul group out of Philidelphia that took the scene by storm. The song was number 6 on the R&B charts the summer it was released. It's a touching tribute inspired by band member Kenny Gamble's Mother Ruby.

Ruby was also a talented musician and enjoyed a #1 UK hit with her track "I Will." The lyrics of this touching song discuss real issues of motherhood like sleep deprivation. It's a great choice for sons who want to honor just how much their mothers have sacrificed to care for them.

6 Sweetest Devotion

Adele wrote this emotional and beautiful song for her son Angelo. The British singer invited her son to participate in recording the song. HIs precious voice can be heard along with his mother’s on the track. Not many songs have been written by a mother for her son, fewer still feature a mom and son’s voice together.

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What could possibly be more fitting for a mother/son dance? Combine that with the lyrics and you’ve got a recipe for a truly special moment that no one will ever forget. Adele wrote the song from the deepest part of her heart and perfectly captured the dedication every mother feels for her children.

5 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Stevie Wonder released this classic hit in 1973. The song has aged very gracefully and still puts a smile on any listener’s face. It was Stevie's 3rd number one hit and it’s still just as catchy today. Wonder wrote the touching song for his wife Syreeta Wright.

Wright co-wrote many of Wonder’s songs and was a huge asset to his success. The song is about looking back on a familiar love and remembering all the best parts of someone. A mother rarely sees any flaw in her child so this nostalgic mood is perfect.

4 I’ll Stand By You

Punk rock band The Pretenders may not be the first act you think of when you imagine sentimental songs for family events. If you take a closer look at their catalog you’ll realize they include a lot of sweet sentiment in their music.

The song “I’ll Stand By You” has lyrics that capture some of the most powerful parts of motherhood. The song talks about warm feelings of protection and nurturing emotional closeness. Your mother will always stand by you, she’ll never let anyone hurt you. If you want a slightly edgy song for your mother/son dance, look no further.

3 Home

This emotional song is the debut single from American Idol winner Philip Phillips. He first performed the song on season 11’s final performance night and on the season’s finale after he was announced as the winner.

The writers were inspired by touching folk acts like Mumford And Sons. One of the lyricists who co-wrote the song said it was meant for a friend. It’s a warm message to remind someone you care about that you’ll always be there for them. That sentiment perfectly captures the eternal nature of a mother’s love.

2 A Song For Mama

R&B lovers have plenty of options for a beautiful and moving song. If you’re into throwbacks “A Song For Mama” is a sentimental choice. The track was performed by Boyz 2 Men. It was written entirely by Babyface.

The song served as the main theme for the movie Soul Food, If you’ve never seen the film it’s all about the importance of a matriarch in any family. Choosing this song honors just how powerful a mother’s role is in her child’s life. Choose this song to tell mom that she’s the backbone of your family and you appreciate her.

1 My Baby You

Music sensation Marc Anthony wrote this song as the title track on his first English album. Anthony wrote the song for his daughter Arianna. He uses the lyrics to explain to her the purity and perm. The slow, soft music makes it perfect for a sentimental and gentle dance.

An easy going waltz that will allow mom and son to talk while they share this milestone together. The lyrics are saccharine and passionate. It’s the perfect choice for fitting big emotions into a gentle moment. Marc Anthony is known for passionate songwriting and this song definitely doesn’t disappoint.

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