Mother Of 11-Year-Old Charged With Murder For Killing Infant Defends Daughter

The mother of a young girl who was just 10-years-old when she was accused of killing a 6-month-old boy who attended the same daycare as her is speaking out in support of her daughter. It was last October 30 when the young girl, who is now 11, dropped the baby causing him to strike his head. The girl allegedly began to panic when the baby started crying and stomped on his head in an effort to silence him. The boy died in the hospital just two days later.

Since the tragic accident last year, the young girl was held at a juvenile detention facility for two months before being transferred to the adult unit at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute. Her mother is speaking out for the first time since her daughter was charged as an adult with first-degree homicide with intent.

"There is no way it was done in any type of intentional way," she told Inside Edition, defending her daughter. She said that her daughter told her that what she had allegedly done to the 6-month-old was just an accident. “And you know what? I believe my daughter," she said.

The mother says her daughter has suffered from mental illness but that the family was denied treatment because she was too young. Instead, they chose to place her in a county-licensed program at a daycare center for three days a week, where the accident took place. The distraught mother says that if they were able to get help when they sought it for their daughter, she "wouldn't have ever been there" at the daycare and the baby’s death "wouldn't have happened."

The now 11-year-old is being held in an adult facility, where her mother says she’s by far the youngest person. "She's 11 years old with women 40 years old and over." She says her daughter just "wants to go home."

The infant’s father however just wants to see justice for the death of his baby boy. “As opposed to seeing it as a 10-year-old girl I see it as the person who killed my son,” Nate Liedl told Inside Edition.

The 11-year-old is has been declared not competent to stand trial and the case will resume if she is better able to understand her circumstances.

Her next court hearing is October 11.

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