Mother-In-Law Tells Mom Her Baby Name Is 'Doomed' And Tries to Switch It Behind Her Back

If you're a parent, then you know firsthand the drama that can kick up around baby names. People get real invested in baby names, even (and sometimes especially!) if the baby in question does not belong to them! Friends and family members seem to think they have the right to comment on someone's chosen baby name. Or worse, they have the audacity to criticize the name or try to convince the parents to change it! It's really rude and can be very hurtful, even if it's done intentionally. But we all know it's done with absolute intention sometimes. A woman took to Reddit to vent about her mother-in-law's meddling ways when it comes to her baby's name. This whole story is absolutely wild!

Image: Reddit

Right from the start, this mother-in-law sounds like a real piece of work. She changed her daughter-in-law's nickname! Like actually changed it and calls her by a completely different name because the woman's real nickname didn't add up with her son's name on her numerology chart. The woman wrote it off since they don't live in the same country and it probably didn't have much of an affect on their lives. But that all changed when the couple got pregnant.

The meddling MIL's antics kicked into overdrive, and when she calculated the name her son and his wife chose for their child, SHE GAVE THEM ANOTHER NAME TO USE! They refused and and ignored it until she finally stopped talking about. But she wasn't done, not by a long shot.

Image: Reddit

She completely ignored the child's name given to her by her parents, and told other family members that the name she chose was the baby's name! She explained that the name picked by the baby's actual parents would just be on the birth certificate, and the name she chose would be her baptized name and the name they used. So not only did she change the baby's name, now she's pushing a baptism! We have to say, we've heard a lot of meddling MIL stories, but this one has got to be one of the worst. We hope this couple sticks to their guns, and tells the MIL to mind her own business!


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