Woman Says Mother-In-Law Tampered With Her Birth Control & Now She's Pregnant

If you've never spent time perusing the absolutely wild corner of the internet that is the relationship advice forum on Reddit, you are really missing out! Reddit is always good for a wide-eyed read, but this particular forum is next level. Redditors ask for advice on their relationships and assorted relationship issues, and of course, the community delivers. But it's the kinds of posts that you find on R/Relationships that will leave you scratching your head and thanking your partner for not being a complete and total maniac. When you read what relationships can be like out there, it makes you want to live like a hermit and never let go of the one you have! We've read plenty of crazy relationship stories on Reddit, but this one about a woman who says her mother-in-law tampered with her birth control takes the cake. You guys are not going to believe this.

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The post starts with the Redditor saying that she's 20 years old, 18 weeks postpartum, and pregnant. That's already ... a lot. But then she goes on to explain that while she's happy with the pregnancy, she thinks that it wasn't exactly an act of nature. Apparently her mother-in-law was extremely displeased by the fact that the new baby, born just 18 weeks ago, was a girl.

The poster's in-laws denied the fact she was a girl right up until she was born. Apparently to them, it's boy or GTFO. Some nonsense about carrying on the bloodline! Almost as soon as they were home from the hospital, the MIL starts pestering the couple to try again for a boy. Poster ignored her and thought that was that, and MIL would come over a few times a week to watch the baby and help around the house.

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Then, to her complete surprise, poster ends up pregnant. She and her husband had been using condoms and lube, so they were understandably shocked. They didn't want to share the news just yet, but she did confide in her SIL, who then makes a tearful confession: her mom, poster's MIL, had been poking holes in their condoms since they came home from the hospital after the birth of their baby girl. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?! The SIL claims she thought it was a joke, so she never told the poster.

Credit: Reddit

Obviously, the comments were filled with rage. This was an incredibly dangerous and invasive thing this woman did! Poster came back to share an update, and says they aren't telling anyone about the pregnancy just yet. She gathering as much evidence as she can to use against the MIL, and cutting off all contact once the news is out. She's also going to change their last name, so there will be no family name carried on through the proverbial son. Many people suggested contacting the police as well, as reproductive coercion is illegal. Hopefully this all works out for the poster and her partner and kids. And hopefully that awful MIL lives everyday knowing she has grandchildren whose lives she will never be a part of.

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