Mother-In-Law Refuses to Call Grandkids By Their Given Names

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One of the coolest things about being a parent is getting to name our newborns, watch them grow and see how that name takes shape in their lives. We search through name books, some of us having our names chosen since childhood and just need to convince our partners, while others go back and forth until the baby is actually here and in their arms. Everyone has a different story of how they arrived at the names they chose, all have one thing in common: it's a truly special experience.

CafeMom shared that a woman recently shared on the Internet that her mother-in-law refuses to call her new grandchild by the name that she and her husband gave her. Yup, instead, she calls her by the name she wanted her to have. How rude. And the drama started during her pregnancy.

If you were thinking "what a stressful pregnancy," you would be right.

It all started when she announced her pregnancy with the first of her two daughters and her mother-in-law (who is very religious), decided that she wanted her name to be Nevaeh and the mom shared, "I would rather gargle broken glass and gasoline," she wrote. "I politely declined or changed the subject a few times."

Sounds like she handled it as politely as possible.

When the baby was born, the mom went with a different name, to which her mother-in-law announced that she would still be calling the baby by the name she chose. She even took things a step further and has been calling the little girl Nay Nay, the nickname for Nevaeh.

If you were wondering, this isn't something that just recently happened - this has been going on for years. She now has done it again with their second daughter, who is toddler-aged presently. Her husband has chosen the second daughters middle name and his mother will only call her by that name or "a country-fied version of it."

To make matters worse, the poor mom has since updated her original social media post to share that she lost her husband in July and her and her daughters are living around the corner from the mother-in-law in question. "My partner and I have always hated the nickname," she wrote, "but when he was alive we only saw them a couple times a month, so it wasn't as annoying."

The response from the Internet was unanimous that the mother-in-law was being completely rude and that the mom shouldn't have to put up with her antics.

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