Groom's Mom 'Coincidentally' Shows Up To Wedding Dressed Exactly The Bride

A lot of careful planning goes into throwing the perfect wedding. After all, most people hope to do it once and once only. There's the cake to think about, the decorations, the perfect venue, and most of all, the dress. When it comes to a happy bride, it's all about that dream gown. It's the one day that a woman can walk into a room, knowing that all eyes will be on her...at least, it should be. On a Reddit thread titled r/InsaneParents, a poster shared a snap of a typical wedding day shot. There was just one glaring flaw - the mother of the groom seemed to be wearing a bridal gown. The internet was divided on how creeped out the world should be.

The caption of the snap read, "Wearing a floor-length white dress, having your hair being made into the same hairstyle as the bride, and holding onto her son's arm...couldn't get creepier." It has to be said that both women do look strikingly similar, especially as they're both slender, blond, and wearing pale lace dresses that are almost identical in shape and style.

Some posters were quick to call out the Mother-in-law (MIL) for acting inappropriately and trying to steal the bride's thunder on what should be the happiest day of her life. One of the things that crops up most in the comments section is the way mommy dearest is holding her son's arm. It doesn't take an expert to see that there's something territorial about that Vulcan death grip.

Others were quick to defend the woman, saying that the lighting probably made a pastel dress appear to be white. That line of thinking was quickly slammed. "Pale mint or white, it is VERY similar to the bride's dress," said one individual.

Others tried to brush off the criticism by pointing out that several other women in the snap also had a similar hairstyle.  One Redditor suggested that it's an awkward photo, and mom probably didn't know where to put her hands, hence clenching her son's arm.

Was it an intentional dig at the bride, or a simple mix up that internet sleuths ran with? The jury is out on this one.

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