Mother-In-Law Crops Mom Out Of Every Photo At Baby's First Birthday Party

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Family relationships are often hard to navigate, and they only tend to get more difficult once marriage and children enter the equation. Dealing with in-laws, and often the dreaded mother-in-law can often cause a lot of tension between a couple, especially when one feels like they're being mistreated.

One woman recently took to Reddit to ask for advice from fellow Redditors after she discovered her mother-in-law did something rude and borderline unforgivable. The poster, who goes by the username justme9393 took to Reddit to share that her mother-in-law had purposefully cropped her out of all family pictures taken during her daughter's first birthday party!

The poster wrote that she had specifically asked her mother and mother-in-law to make sure they took lots of pictures of her daughter's special day because she wanted to make a special memory book and because people want pictures of milestone days like first birthday parties. The trouble came when the poster began to look at the pictures her mother-in-law took. "I am cut out of EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that my MIL took," she wrote. "So much so that if I was on the right side of the photo there’s even more room on the left side specifically to avoid having me in the shot."

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"There’s some of my husbands with our daughter opening presents, at least 6 of them, and in every one, you can just see my arm or my knee," she continued. "She took pictures of her mother with the baby, her with the baby, and of course her precious son (my husband) with the baby- but NOT ONE of me!!" Naturally, the mom was "fuming" about being intentionally cropped out of her own daughter's first birthday pictures and was looking to vent and ask for some advice on how to deal with her husband's mother, so something like this doesn't happen in the future.

One commenter suggested the OP simply not invite her mother-in-law to future parties, writing "Oh look, she managed to get rid of all the evidence that you were at your own child's first birthday! Return the favor and make she isn't at the second," a sentiment many agreed with. The OP wrote that she had sent her mother-in-law a message asking why she would exclude her from the photos and was upset that she hadn't heard a reply. This caused a further rift between her and her husband, who was upset that she would bring up the issue with her mother-in-law again.

The Reddit community was very much in favor of the OP not letting the matter go and ensuring that her mother-in-law knew that what she did was hurtful. Fortunately, it seemed that the mother-in-law was finally able to see the error of her ways.

"She finally responded after I asked her “I’m just wondering if you realize that you tend to exclude me from photos,” the OP wrote in a subsequent follow-up post. "She said “No, I did not realize that you tend to get excluded from photos. I am sooo sorry and will watch that in the future”. So that’s a happy ending!"

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