Mother Charged With Murder After Reporting That Her Children, 8 & 4, Took Their Own Lives

Trigger warning: This article mentions topics of suicide, murder, and the death of children, and may be triggering to some people. Please do not continue reading and seek help if this article may be triggering to you. 

A Pennsylvania mother has been charged in the deaths of her children, ages 8 and 4, after both children were found hanging in the basement of the family's home.

Authorities arrived at Lisa Snyder's home on September 23d, 2019 to find her son, Conner, age 8, and daughter, Brinley, age 4, hanging by a support beam with a dog leash in the basement of the house. Synder shared with authorities that the children had taken their own lives, citing complaints from her son of bullying for his weight as a main concern. She also shared that her son said: "I woulda killed myself already but I am scared to go by myself", explaining why both of her children passed in the incident.


According to reports, Synder was home while the children were downstairs, but she left to take the family dog outside and have a smoke. She noted that she attempted to remove both children from the beam, but was unable to lift either child. She called 911 and waited for first responders, refusing to return to the basement.

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The incident appeared suspicious from the beginning, as investigators mentioned that it seemed unlikely that children that young would contemplate or commit suicide. Synder's search history was of concern to investigators as well, as she had researched effective ways to hang someone and other ways to end a person's life, including by carbon monoxide poisoning. Snyder has since been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of endangering the welfare of children, two counts of third-degree murder, cruelty to animals, sexual intercourse with an animal, and tampering with/fabricating evidence, according to CNN.

We will continue to update our coverage as the trial progresses. As of now, our thoughts are with anyone who knew this family, and who may be grieving this tragic loss.

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