This Is The Most Popular National Food And Drink Day In Every State

It feels like every week there's some new "National (whatever) day" to celebrate. From everything from tacos to talking like a pirate, there is a day. For obvious reasons, the most fun ones are the days that celebrate food and drink. Things like "National chocolate chip cookie day" and "National wine day" are fun because you can turn it into an excuse for a night out or a special dinner. But of course, no too national food and drink days are the same. And what is most popular is subjective. But the folks at Simply Thrifty Living have compiled a list of the most popular food and drink days.

Credit: Simple Thrifty Living

Their list breaks down the most popular food and drink days by state and region. But, the overall most popular food day shouldn't be a surprise. National Pizza Day is the most popular food day in six states. And let's be honest, who doesn't love pizza? It's a delicious and diverse food. And people in states including Alaska, Tennessee, and Louisiana obviously agree.

And the second most popular day shouldn't come as much of a surprise either. National Ice Cream Day is the most popular food day in five states. States that love the frosty, creamy treat include Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey. There is a three way tie for the third most popular national food day: National Pancake Day, National French Fry day, and National Bacon Day.

Credit: Simple Thrifty Living

And not only did they break it down by individual state, they also looked at the favorites by region. If you're from the West Coast, where the most popular national food day is National Taco Day, then you might take Taco Tuesday very seriously. Even though it's usually quite cold in the Northeast, National Ice Cream Day reigns supreme. The Midwest loves their pizza, while the South apparently loves National Pancake Day.

When it comes to drinks, the most popular national drink days are tried and true favorites too. Get out the limes, because National Tequila has the top spot. States from Georgia, to Mississippi to Oklahoma love the versatile liquor. Following close behind, National Beer Day claims the number two spot. Rounding out the top three is National Margarita Day, which, given the fact that tequila day is the most popular, shouldn't really come as a surprise.

Credit: Simple Thrifty Living

Regionally, most of the country really goes all in for National Tequila Day. Both the Northeast and South claim it as their favorite. The Midwest is partial to National Beer Day (beer does go best with pizza.) And the West Coast loves National Margarita Day.

Now remember, these are national averages. If you live in the South and National cheese day is your favorite, you don't have to pick up and move to Wisconsin, where the day is most popular. If you're a wine lover in North Dakota, no need to head to Vermont. You can continue to celebrate your favorite National Food and/or Drink Day the way you see fit!

Credit: Simple Thrifty Living

What's your favorite?

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