This Year's Most Pinterested Kids' Halloween Costumes Are So Easy To Copy

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Depending on your level of craftiness, Pinterest is either your mecca for new projects or an aspirational oasis of things to add to your To Do List if and when you ever learn your way around a glue gun. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of those two ends of the spectrum, you'll be psyched to learn that the five most pinned kids' Halloween costumes on the site are actually pretty easy to copy. You may just need to set aside your nerves, head into a craft store, do a scavenger hunt around your home for the supplies.

Pinterest's Newsroom partnered with Lyst to compile the five Halloween costume projects that are of most interest to parents, and they are so, so cool.

Topping the list is a llama costume that, quite frankly, is kids museum-worthy it's so artsy cute. Created by Merrilee at Mer Mag, she breaks down the process of how to DIY the same get-up at home with incredible detail. And if you don't already have the cardboard boxes laying around you house, we say it's a great excuse to make that next Amazon purchase you've been eyeing in order to snag one.

The second pays homage to the animated whippersnapper Boss Baby. The best part? It doesn't even require any real crafting! You can just go ahead and purchase the Spring Notion Baby Boys' Modern Fit Dress Suit Set on Amazon for anywhere between $25 and $47 and, voila, you have Halloween covered.

Next up, turn your infant or big kid into the yummiest-looking boba tea you've ever seen. If you're a fan of bubble tea, these costumes are super easy to replicate, or you can buy it on Etsy. The one from Oh Happy Day blog is perfect for the bigger kid in your life. Complete with cup, straw, and all. Meanwhile BuzzBearStudio on Etsy has an adorable version of bodysuit-wearing babies.

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The fourth most pinned costume is a loveable lion. Courageous or fearless, the lion's mane whipped up by crafter extraordinaire Kimberly Sneed at A Night Owl Blog is totally on point. Even better? You won't need to sew a thing. Whew!

And last, but certainly not least, is a perennial favorite -- the old lady baby costume. What we love about this is crafter Olivia Palmer created video tutorial for it on YouTube, so you can get a moving visual of exactly how she pulls it all together.

Wishing your family and a happy and safe Halloween filled with easy-to-make costumes that will elicit the accolades you so deserve.

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