The Best Season To Get Pregnant Is Just Around The Corner

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Babies are born all the time. The circle of life is truly incredible, with many children being born every single day. That being said, there seems to be an uptick in birthdays in certain months. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself? The feeling that you barely got over celebrating one birthday before you're already needing to prepare for another? Well, it turns out that there is a certain time period that may have more birthdays, and there are a few very valid reasons as to why.

According to The Smithsonian Magazine, most birthdays in the United States happen between June and November, making the highest rate of conception as being in the Fall and Winter months.

While it might seem like this is a good time to make jokes about finding things to do in cold weather, the truth is that, according to The Smithsonian, all Earthly life is seasonal. Human births occurring in a seasonal pattern helps to ensure the survival for the species.

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Apparently, the seasonality of birth fluctuates by area in the world, based on things like distance from the equator. Additionally, things like local temperature and the length of the days also play a role. The Smithsonian article also cites that when people live in very rural areas, this is even more so, showing that there are a variety of economic and cultural factors that come into play as well.

However, apparently as a species, our birth seasonality is dropping off. There are a variety of reasons that could explain why, certainly we are not as in tune with the natural world as we once were. We live far more insulated lives, ones that are usually planned around things like jobs, and personal factors. We don't seem to rely on our connection to the seasons and to nature as we did in generations prior.

So if you feel like you are being inundated with birthdays this time of year, then you aren't alone! Chances are, there just may be a few more birthdays than usual, and for good evolutionary reasons!

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