Most Parents Too Busy To Have Fun With Their Children, Poll Says

It is no secret that the world has changed, especially for parents. Every day gets busier and busier, and parents are finding it hard to spend time with their children. A national survey was done that has shown that more than half of parents say they are too busy to have fun with their children.

A survey was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Crayola, and this survey found surprising results. They polled about 2, 000 parents of children that are between the ages of 3 to 16-years-old. There were definitely some interesting results to be found.

They found that 78% of parents wished that they had more time in their day to spend with their children. 82% of parents felt that their children were growing up too quickly, which is something a lot of parents can relate too.

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Then there are statistics that are a little sadder. 67% of parents admitted to worrying about missing special moments with their children while they were still young. 40% had admitted that they had already missed at least one important milestone in their child’s life.

Children try to attract mother's attention at park. Business hinders spending time with family.
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The poll even showed that it is not just the parents being affected by this. The study also found that 82% of parents said that their child had verbally complained about not spending enough time with their parents. A quarter of those numbers said that they heard this complain often.

A quote from a mother who was involved in the study states, “even when parents do spend time with their kids, the children often feel their parents aren’t fully present in the activity – and parent agree.”

There were a lot of reasons listed for the lack of meaningful time spent with children and their parents. The biggest one, with half of the participants agreeing, was that it was difficult to balance spending time with the kids and getting through the day. Some other responses were maintaining a work-life balance, amount of screen time and an overload of information.

When parents were asked what they considered the top-quality moments spent with their kids, the top three were very telling. Going to a sporting event, teaching them a new skill and exploring their creativity where all the top three answers. This appears to be a growing problem, and not many people know how to fix it.

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