10 Of The Most Accurate Pregnancies On TV

Over the years, there have been numerous pregnancies and deliveries that have been shown on TV and in films. Some of these moments felt really real, with lots of screaming and stress, while others seemed a little too staged, with no sweating or swearing at all!

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The 10 examples that are listed out down below are some of the most memorable pregnancies from television. They took place on some of the most popular series out there. And though it would be impossible to copy all of this perfectly for a show, these on-screen moms gave the world some pretty accurate portrayals.

10 Pam On The Office

During Season 6 of The Office, Pam and Jim welcomed Cecelia to their cute little family. During Season 8, the actress who played this well-known character, Jenna Fischer, was actually expecting a child. That being said, Pam was expecting one, too!

So all the emotions and pains and good moments and bad moments that were seen were not just great acting. On the show, Jim and Pam had Philip, and in real life, Fischer gave birth to Weston Lee Kirk in 2011, then Harper Marie Kirk in 2014.

9 Amy On The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was an ABC Family show that was on from 2008 to 2013, and it was about a 15-year-old, Amy, who got pregnant. The reactions and rumors, the struggles and stressors, the changes and challenges…

All of this was played out by Shailene Woodley’s character, and it accurately showed what many high school-aged kids, along with their families, have to deal with and go through when this happens.

8 Sydney On Alias

Another actress who was pregnant and who led to her character being pregnant was Jennifer Garner; when Season 5 of Alias rolled around, she was expecting Violet with Ben Affleck.

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Therefore, within the show’s story, her character, Sydney Bristow, also had a daughter named Isabelle. Which meant this pregnancy portrayal was very real. Later, she also had a son named Jack, and in reality, Garner went on to have Seraphina in 2009, as well as Samuel 2012.

7 Rebecca On This Is Us

This Is Us is one of the most beloved shows on right now, and it had a very notable delivery scene. Rebecca and Jack Pearson, who are played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, are expecting triplets. When Rebecca goes into labor, she gives birth to Kevin and Kate, but the third baby, Kyle, was stillborn.

As fans know, the Pearsons go on to adopt a baby, Randall. At first, Rebecca has trouble connecting with her adopted child, but he soon became a true part of the family. Unfortunately, losing a child is something that people have faced, but thankfully, adopting a baby is, too.

6 Miranda On Sex and The City

Sex and The City was about four female friends in New York, and the straight-edged and serious one of the group was Miranda, who was played by Cynthia Nixon. When this actress became pregnant in real life, it was written into the show, as well!

As true fans of this series know, Miranda had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Steve, and when their son, Brady, came along, they decided to get married. In reality, Nixon had Samuel Joseph Mozes in 1996, Charles Ezekiel Mozes in 2002, and Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni in 2011.

5 Monica On Friends

Monica from Friends always wanted kids, but her and Chandler found out that they couldn’t have any. They talked about surrogacy and donors and then opted for adoption, which is when Anna Faris’ character, Erica, came into the picture.

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In the last episode of the show, Jack Geller-Bing and Erica Geller-Bing were born. For many people, these conversations about what else could work are very real, and thankfully, there are several other options out there, when couples can’t naturally bring a baby into the world.

4 Aria On Pretty Little Liars

Another TV character who was told she could not have children was Aria from Pretty Little Liars. Right before she was to finally marry the love of her life, she got the news, and she was scared that the news would ruin everything. Ezra truly loved her, though, and he mentioned that there were options and that it would be okay.

At the end of the series, one of Aria’s friends, Hanna, announces that she is expecting, and she feels sort of bad for sharing that info with Aria… but a plan was already set in motion by Aria and Ezra, and Hanna’s good news was definitely going to be celebrated.

3 Annie On 7th Heaven

7th Heaven came on from 1996 to 2006, and it featured Eric and Annie Camden, along with their children: Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David. When Season 2 ended, everyone thought Mary was pregnant, but it was actually Mom and Dad… again… with twins!

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This couple had their hands full, and there were always friends and those in need and other family members showing up at their house, so why not add in two more babies? For many real-life couples, that is how it feels; the more, the merrier.

2 Lucy On I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz starred in I Love Lucy, and in 1951, they had a daughter, Lucie Désirée Arnaz, and in 1953, they had a son, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV. Ball’s second delivery involved a C-section, and this procedure was set up on the same day that her character, Lucy, gave birth on the show!

Therefore, this is another actress whose portrayal was very real. Plus, watching these two prepare for a baby on this humorous and classic TV show was, well, humorous and classic.

1 Rory On Gilmore Girls

For those who don’t know, Rory is a smart, safe, and sensible character with a plan. This was not in her plan… but sometimes, that is how it works out. Not every baby is planned out, and life is full of surprises!

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