There's Now A 'Smart Diaper' To Tell Parents When They Need To Change Their Baby


If having to perform the 'sniff test' to figure out whether or not it's time to change your baby's diaper is not something you enjoy, this new invention by Korean startup company Monit may be just what you're looking for. The company unveiled their new 'smart diaper' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently and it just may be a game changer for parents everywhere.

Credit: Monit

The small, round bluetooth sensor is attached to the outside of a baby's diaper and can sense when the diaper is soiled. Founder Tony Park created the bluetooth sensor because he wanted to be able to better understand his own children. “I had trouble understanding my babies, because I didn’t know why they were crying, why they were yelling, why they didn’t sleep, so I really wanted to understand their behavior and their surroundings,” TechCrunch reports. Park says what sets this product apart from other similar products is that it's placed outside the diaper so it doesn't cause any irritation to the child.

The company argues that a product like this not only allows parents to know when it's time to change their child, but by doing so it can reduce the instances of diaper rash and possible urinary tract infections. The bluetooth sensor also provides parents information on how many diapers they are going through as well as their child's diaper changing patterns. The product launched in Korea and Japan at the end of last year and will soon be partnering with Huggies parent company Kimberly Clark to introduce the technology in the US this Spring, CNet reports.

“It gives instant notification to the parent’s mobile hand cell so that they can understand when is the best time for changing (the) diaper,” said CEO Park. “Parents can understand baby’s status in the meantime, baby’s surroundings, so they can raise their babies with strategy, not by just instinct or a feeling.”

Credit: Monit

Of course, not everyone is convinced this is truly necessary. Parents have been able to accurately detect when their child needs to be changed without the help of technology and even having to perform the dreaded sniff test forever. Changes in behavior like crying and irritability are often telltale signs a diaper needs to be changed, as is the odor that often fills a room without having to do anything close to a sniff test.

Having a device attached to your child's diaper that alerts your cell phone when your child needs to be changed isn't really a necessary, or desired, product, according to some parents. Up to 5 caretakers can be alerted by Monit's smart diaper when the child needs to be changed.

While there is no current price point for the product for when it is expected to launch in the US in April, it currently retails for $249 USD in Korea and Japan.

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