Moms Vote: 10 of The Best (And Worst) Representations Of Motherhood On TV/Film

There are lots of dating apps out there, but there are not many apps that help mothers connect with one another, and that is where the Peanut app comes in. In the past, this app has been referred to as “the Tinder for moms” because it can hook moms up with other mommy friends.

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This app is already pretty cool, but something that makes it even better is the fact that moms can voice their thoughts and concerns on some things. Recently, the users got to vote for something called The Mommies, which is something that allows real mothers to choose what television shows and movies represent motherhood in the best (and the worst) way. Here are the winners, as well as some of the television shows and movies that were considered for each award.

10 Best: Otherhood

For the film category, most of the users of the app chose a film called Otherhood. For those that don’t know, this movie definitely makes its’ viewers stop and think, and it is very relatable, especially for those who have children.

This movie centers around three main characters as they get together on Mother’s Day to go visit their adult children in New York. This film has a very talented, famous cast that includes Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett, and Patricia Arquette.

This movie is all about relationships. At first glance, it seems to be mostly about the relationship each mother shares with her child, but as the movie progresses, it also focuses on the relationships the women share with each other.

9 Worst: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

When Peanut’s users had to choose which television show could do a better job as far as its’ depiction of motherhood goes, most of them picked Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Those moms are not the only ones who feel that way, since that is actually one of the biggest concerns that viewers have had with this show.

In the show, the lead character, Miriam “Midge” Maisel, splits up with her husband and decides to pursue her dream of getting into the world of standup comedy. But the problem is that a lot of people think she is not the best mother, which has been very frustrating for the actress who plays her, who is Rachel Brosnahan. “It’s been eye-opening and frustrating that that has been one of the primary criticisms of this character and of the show,” said Brosnahan.

8 Best: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

While it was not the winner, some app users thought that the movie Where’d You Go, Bernadette represented motherhood fairly well. This movie stars lots of very well-known actors and actresses, including Steve Zahn, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, Judy Greer, Lawrence Fishburne, Billy Crudup, and Megan Mullally.

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This film is based on a book that shares the same title, and the story is basically about a mother who has spent so much time focusing on her family that she forgot to focus on herself. After coming to that realization, the lead character decides to start taking part in some of the things she is passionate about again.

7 Worst: Divorce

Another show that some viewers think could do a better job of portraying motherhood in a more realistic way is Divorce. Even though it didn’t get as many votes as Marvelous Mrs. Maisel did, it’s still a good runner-up.

This show follows a couple as they navigate through life after pursuing a divorce. The stars of the show are Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker. Another well-known star that is apart of this show is Molly Shannon.

This show is very entertaining, but apparently it does not do a very good job of portraying real motherhood, since it almost beat out Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in this category.

6 Best: Workin' Moms

When Peanut users were asked what television show they thought best represented motherhood over the past year, most of them chose the show Workin’ Moms. This show is probably very relatable for lots of mothers everywhere because it mainly focuses on four very different moms who are trying to handle all of the tough situations that life throws at them all the time.

Moms everywhere can probably relate to that kind of thing, since life as a mother can be very hard and unpredictable at times. The characters in this show have to deal with everything from unplanned pregnancies to new job opportunities.

5 Worst: Game Of Thrones

According to the users of Peanut, the worst mother that has been in a television show or movie in the past year is Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones. That is not very surprising, considering the fact that she was such an awful character in every way throughout the entire series.

Pretty much everything Cersei did was bad. The best thing that could be said about her is that she was certainly dedicated to her children, but that doesn’t take away from how terrible she was. One of the worst things she did was lose control of her son, Joffrey Baratheon, which ended up being terrible for everyone involved.

4 Best: Glow

One of the other television shows that some viewers think represents motherhood in the best way is Glow, even though it does not focus as much on that theme as some of the other shows that were in that category. But it’s still a pretty good option nonetheless, even if it was not the winner. The character Debbie has to commute to Las Vegas for work; which requires her leaving her baby with her ex during the work week. She is judged for this action by a nosy flight attendant and has a very relatable rant about how men never get thought of as bad parents for trying to juggle work and family.

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For anyone who may not know, this television show takes places in the 1980’s, and it focuses on a few women who are trying to make it in the world of professional wrestling. This show is pretty funny at times, but it also tackles some pretty serious things, such as sexism, which is one of the reasons why this show is so important.

3 Worst: Zinnia Wormwood

Though this mother wasn't mentioned on the rankings in the Peanut app, we thought she deserved a mention in our list. Zinnia spends her limited screen time calling the birth of her child a waste of time, telling her child's teacher that education is a waste of time for women, and ignoring her daughter at every chance that she gets.

Let's face it, motherhood is not for everyone and it certainly was not for Zinnia Wormwood.

2 Best: Stranger Things

It’s hard to forget the pep talk Karen Wheeler gives her daughter in the third season of Stranger Things, which is probably why most of those who voted in this poll chose her as the best mom in a TV show or movie. She did not have much character development in the first two seasons of the show, but Karen became a more well-developed character in the third season.

This is probably partially because of the pivotal scene during which she and Nancy have a heart-to-heart talk after Nancy gets fired from The Hawkins Post, where she was mostly expected to serve coffee to the men that worked there.

1 Best: The Handmaid’s Tale

Some of the Peanut app users think that June Osborne, a character from the wildly popular series The Handmaid’s Tale is a great mother as well, even though more people voted for Karen Wheeler. Those who have not watched the show yet might not know this, but one of the main themes in this series is motherhood.

The series follows a character named June Osborne, and it is set far into the future. June and her family live in a place called Gilead, where women are treated very poorly. June and her family attempt to escape Gilead, but she is captured. It is then decided that June will live the rest of her days birthing children for others.

The actress who plays June is Elisabeth Moss, and her character is often referred to as Offred. “Gilead is built on motherhood,” said Moss.

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