10 Things Most Moms Forget When Planning A Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a child is not an easy task. Whether it is a one-year celebration or a big bash for an older kid, there are so many tiny details to cover and remember and get right!

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To help all the moms (and dads and guardians and loved ones) make this party as awesome as possible, we have put together a little checklist of sorts. These are 10 things that many busy parents may forget when putting together aB-day celebration.

Check out this list, check it twice, and then throw a memorable event for your kiddo!

10 Inviting That One Person

A guest list is one of the first tasks that you should complete. When sending out the party invitations, it's easy to remember a child’s best friends, neighbors, classmates, and family members… but there will always be that one person that moms forget to invite. This could be a total accident, or it could be a person that surprisingly wanted an invite.

So be sure to cover all of those bases, go over all the possible people, and include all the right people (without hurting anyone’s feelings, if possible). The more, the merrier, right?!

9 An Extra Change Of Clothes

Once the day of the event rolls around, everything will get crazy and busy very quickly. Don’t forget an extra change of clothes!

First of all, the guest of honor needs another set of clothing because kids inevitably spill food, make messes or have accidents. Don't put on that cute outfit until the last minute (and thank us later). And bring a cute and celebratory outfit for mom, too, to put on after all the balloons have been blown up, the decorations have been placed in perfect positions, and the kids are also all dressed and ready to go.

8 Cameras

When preparing for a party, parents have to find a location, invite guests, decorate the place, buy a cake and then entertain everyone for hours.

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In the midst of all of this, it is common for a camera, phone and/or video camera to get lost or left behind. Maybe a disposable camera needs to be thrown into the diaper bag. Perhaps a friend can be in charge of snapping all the pics for the day. A professional videographer could even be hired. Feel free to delegate and think ahead because pictures are a must for a kid's birthday bash.

7 Food Allergies

A menu is a vital component of any party, and today, hosts/hostesses must think of food allergies and sensitivities. If it is an intimate gathering, a mother may know what not to serve. If a big group of kids (like an entire class) is being invited, you can include a section on the RSVP card where people can put what food they're allergic to.

This may require switching up the menu entirely or offering up a variety of one dish, but it is much better to be safe than sorry. Plus, other parents will be very grateful!

6 Back-Up Plans

What happens if it rains and the playground is flooded? What happens if the trampoline park is overbooked? What happens if the freezer breaks and no one has any ice? What happens if the cake gets dropped before it makes it to the birthday boy/girl?

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Things may not go as smoothly as we would like for them to, so it's a good idea to have a back-up plan. We can’t expect the worse at all times, but factors like the weather and running out of food need to be taken into consideration, planned for and re-planned for, as well.

5 Thinking About Nap Time

There is another factor to keep in mind, moms, and that's nap time. Naps are crucial for many little ones, so think about this when setting a time for the party. Obviously, super early in the morning or very late at night would not make sense. Some children have mid-morning naps, while others opt for afternoon ones.

Of course, a party is a good excuse to miss out on some Zzzs, and everyone will surely crash and sleep well after all of the excitement! Still, a party around lunch time is always a smart idea, especially if food is already involved.

4 Refreshments For The Parents

Speaking of food… don’t forget about the adults! Birthday cake, candies and junk food are nice, but feel free to have some variety on the menu. We would suggest even having a separate, higher-up area with treats for parents... away from all of those sticky little fingers.

Definitely feel free to set out some adult beverages in this spot, which will definitely keep all the parents entertained. During, say, a backyard party, mom’s (and dad’s) friends could even BYOB, in order to relax a bit while the kids run around playing and being silly and celebrating.

3 Grabbing Some Candles

Okay, nice work, party-planning parents… Everything seems to be going well! But wait… It is time to blow out the candles on this detailed cake. How many are guilty of forgetting to grab candles and/or forgetting to grab a lighter or matches, too?

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This is a common mistake, so tape them to the cake box, put them in that purse ahead of time, or give someone else the responsibility of bringing these items. Moms already have tons to remember, so it is fine to pass this task along to a friend or family member.

2 Wrapping Presents

Another notable part of a birthday party would be the presents. With all that mothers have to do, though, some forget to wrap their own gifts that they bought for their own kids!

Some ways to make sure this does not happen include having professionals wrap it at the store, keeping it hidden in the car, taking it to the party location early, having someone like Grandma bring it along, giving it to the birthday boy/girl early (which they will surely like) or just not wrapping it at all (another option that little eager hands will surely appreciate!).

1 It's All About Having Fun

And last but certainly not least, please remember that it is all about having fun. Not everyone will be able to make it. The weather may not be ideal. Spills will happen. And the camera and the candles may be left at home accidentally. That's okay, though.

Everyone is together and having a blast, all while celebrating a son or a daughter that is lucky to have a mom that planned this fab event. So sit back, soak it all up, and smile at the kiddos’ smiles. Oh, and feel free to have a slice of cake… or two.

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