Mom’s Hilarious Post About A Flaming Pizza Box Is Why Moms Can't Ever Relax

Silence is golden. Unless you have a kid, then it's just suspicious. We've all seen or heard the hilarious quote before and many of us have actually experienced that moment where it's entirely too quiet and you find out it's because your child is doing something that they shouldn't be doing. This is especially true when you have a toddler. As a mom to a newly mobile toddler, it's not unusual to sneak away to the bathroom and to come back and find that your toddler has decided that the sofa is their new art canvas.

When your child gets a little older and defiance really sets in, you may step out of the room and come back to find that they've discovered how to reach the candy stash and their mouth is full of special occasion chocolate. At some point in time, the hope is that the kids reach an age where mom you can take a breather but apparently, this is a pipe dream.

On Sunday morning, Mary Katherine Backstrom discovered this. When her kids woke up and decided to watch TV rather than waking her up, Mary decided to fully take advantage. She describes herself as feeling happy that she got to sleep a little more but also nervous because kids are kids. She continued to rest but the mom kind of rest where you can still hear everything that your kids are getting into. When she heard that the kids let the dog in, she knew that any chance of extra rest had gone and decided to start the day.

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As she exited the door, she saw that her dog had wrangled a slice of pizza from the counter-top and was making a mad dash. After successfully getting the pizza from the dog and the dog out of the house, she went back to the kitchen to inspect the damage only to learn that her dog had inadvertently turned on the stove. This normally wouldn't be a big deal but the pizza box was sitting right on top of it and had caught fire.

This morning my kids got out of bed and went to watch a little tv so I could rest. I was so happy. A little nervous,...

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Panic set in but she was quick on her feet. She grabbed the corner of the box that wasn't on fire and moved it to the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, the flames were so high that she couldn't use the faucet to put the fire out. Fortunately, moms don't scare easily. She looked around and saw that while her less than perfect housekeeping skills may have gotten her into this mess, they also might get her out. Her coffee from the day before was still on the counter top. She reached for it, threw it on the fire and was able to put the fire out just enough to use the faucet!

While this was a scary experience, it was also an important reminder to Mary of the importance of fire safety. She's happy that no one was hurt and the whole family was even able to make it to church that morning!

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