10 Things Moms Should Always Pack On Vacation

Vacations can be fun and exciting for the whole family. But when packing for the get-away it is very important to make a list of all the things the family will need, or could ever need if anything were to happen. Make sure to check that list, too, because the vacation can turn into a nightmare if anything is missing when the children become unhappy or bored.

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This can even happen on a day outing. It has happened too many times; mom thinks she has everything but there is always an item or two that was misplaced or forgotten. Then the child acts out or becomes very upset. So, remember to always check everything over twice for a happy vacation and safe journey. Here are some examples of items you should never take a trip without!

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10 The Child’s Comfort Item Or Favorite Toy

When on vacation, parents need to make sure that their child has their comfort items with them or their favorite toy. Children need these items to make them feel safe when in a new place while on vacation; it will make nap and bedtimes so much better. It could also help keep the child comfortable while traveling to new places, by making them feel happy.

You must remember to bring a backup item or toy just in case something happens and that item or toy cannot be found. Just make sure that the children love the backup just as much. This will help the vacation run smooth.

9 The First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is the most important thing to remember. The little one could have allergies to things and need help right away. It can also be as simple as a boo-boo that just needs their favorite band aid to make them happy.

When on vacation many things can happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Maybe the child is on a trip in the woods and needs some calamine to help with the poison ivy they walked into. So, remember to pack the first aid needs for the family.

8 Extra Clothing And Shoes

Children can be messy at times and also lose their shoes or socks. They are always having little accidents and need a change of clothes. The vacation could be to a beach somewhere and the clothing gets buried in the sand castle, the high tide could wash it into the ocean. Wherever you are, extra clothing and shoes are a big must while on vacation.

Kids will be leaving things behind on the plane or at the motel room; perhaps it gets pushed under the bed. In this case, having extras on hand is much better than having to go out to buy new clothes or shoes, because they might not have any they like and it could cost way too much.

7 Extra Electronics Chargers (Wall And Car)

Electronics power the 21st century. These days, even toddlers seem to know how to use tablets and cell phones. As such, if moms would like some assistance in keeping their little ones entertained, they should always remember to pack extra electronics cords.

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This includes not just a wall outlet charger but a car charger as well. That way, the little one will be happy and quiet. Moms and dads need the rest as well, and this will give them a little down time for themselves. So, remember to pack extras when they get lost or misplaced.

6 Activities And Toys To Keep The Kids Entertained During Travel

Parents, don’t forget to pack the activities that your children like to do. It will give you some needed quiet time and also keep the kids off the electronics for a while.

Don’t forget the coloring books and crayons. This way, they can learn colors, and it helps them with their hand-eye coordination. It's a fun, educational activity, and one you can join in with!

5 The Kids' Insurance Cards

Moms, whenever you are taking your children on vacation – or even on day trips – always remember to check and double check that you have your little one’s insurance cards. Even if you don’t end up needing them, they can be very beneficial to have just because... well, you never know.

Accidents can and do happen at any time, and it is always best to be prepared. Also, make sure that your child’s insurance cards will still be active, whether you're travelling domestically or internationally.

4 Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

Whenever you will be outside and on the go during your vacation always remember to pack a lot of sunscreen. If you think you have enough, try again… you may need more than you think.

One bottle can accidentally get buried under the sand castles that your little ones will create, another could roll under the car seat, and next thing you know you are down to your last half a bottle with three more days of vacation left. Yes, there are always stores where you can stock up, but make sure you have (and use) a lot of it! Sunscreen is important to help keep your child’s skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun and to help prevent painful burns.

3 Snacks And Drinks (Or Formula And Extra Bottles)

Whenever you go on vacation, it is important to always pack extra snacks and drinks for your children (and yourselves). If you are packing for an infant, extra formula, bottles, and nips may also be needed.

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Don’t be scared to try new and fun ways of preparing snacks for the kids. Let loose and get creative. As an example, you can put some peanut butter on a piece of celery and then add a trail of raisins on top to make ant on a log. You can always search the Internet for even more healthy alternatives.

2 Extra Bathing Essentials

No matter where you and your family go, if you will be staying the day or the night, it is important to bring along extra bathing essentials. This can range from bathing suits, soaps, and body washes, to extra shampoo, conditions, and body lotions.

Some hotels keep extra supplies in stock, but if you plan on staying for more than one night, it's always best to have your own supplies. Also, don’t forget to pack extra towels and washcloths as well.

1 A Loaded Diaper Bag With Tons Of Diapers And Wipes

If you have a young child, a loaded diaper bag will be your best friend throughout your travels. It is always good to pack extra diapers, wipes, bibs, bottles, and such. You can add in anything that you think you may need for your little one.

Even if you are unsure if you will need it, if there is room, pack it anyway. It is better to have too much than not enough. All parents know how suddenly these messy situations can arise!

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