10 Products You Definitely Need For Your Next Mom's Night In

Mom’s nights in are the tits. You don’t have to go to crowded bars and wait in long lines for watered down, overpriced drinks. You can dress your mom’s night in up or down with a cutesy theme like an at-home “spa” day, succulent potting party, an ultra-glam murder mystery party, or, you can just invite the girls over to drink and vent on the couch in your leggings and sweatpants while eating snacks and ugly crying to your favorite chick flick.

Girls just wanna have fun, and that doesn’t stop when you become a mom. If anything, moms are the ones who need a little fun and relaxation the most. So, if you’re overdue for some time with your favorite girls, why not plan a little get-together? To give you a little inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our favorite products for the perfect mom’s night in. Get your “me time” in, you deserve it!

Please leave by 9 party banner

please leave by 9 party banner
Credit: Amazon

La-di-da-di, we like to party. But, let’s be real, we’re moms now and we get tuckered out by 9. Plus, we need to get up early to chauffeur the kids to all their activities, clean, feed people, get errands done. You know the drill.

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Champagne bong

champagne shooter bong
Credit: Amazon

Beer bongs are so 10 years ago. Leave them in the past with your jean skirt, fake tan, and impeccable collagen production (insert cry emoji face here). You’re a classy mutha now. Add some fun and hilarity to your mom’s night in with this set of hand-blown champagne bongs.

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Charcuterie tray

charcuterie tray
Credit: Amazon

Everyone loves finger foods. Skip the lengthy meal prep, and trade a heavy dinner in for some light snacking while you gossip the night away like the good lord intended. Charcuterie trays are a posh way to get everyone gathered around the counter and making new memories.

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Amazon Dot

amazon dot
Credit: Amazon

These things are amazing for so many reasons, and music is one of them (but, also, you can totally redirect your kids to Alexa for all of their endless questions). Mommas love dance parties, we’re pretty much looking for any reason to drop it low and prove that we’ve still got it (and we do, don’t get it twisted!).

With the Amazon Dot, all you have to do is ask Alexa to play music and she’ll get the party going for you. It’s a great chance to hear all your girls’ favorite songs, all they have to do is know the song title and ask Alexa to play it and you’re having a kitchen dance party before you know it.

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U.S. Polo pajama set
Credit: Amazon

A perk to mom’s nights in is that you don’t even have to wear real pants if you don’t want to. Host a fun pajama party. Your friendship with your besties has no restrictions, and neither should your waistband. No pants required? We’re in!

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Nail polish galore

zoya nail polish set
Credit: Amazon

Look down at your fingers and toes. Chances are, they’re a wreck. As moms, we’re often too busy to keep up with our nails, so why not pamper yourselves during your next mom’s night in? They’ve been a sleepover staple since forever, why shouldn’t they be a staple for your mom date?

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Photo props

photo props
Credit: Amazon

We love taking selfies, and they’re even better when they’re with friends and some kickass photo props. Up the fun factor the next time you invite your lady gang over and let those selfies fly.

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kinderperfect card game for parents and adults
Credit: Amazon

If you’re a mom, you’ll love Kinderperfect. It’s basically the parent version of Cards Against Humanity. A little less vulgar, without sacrificing on the fun and hilarity. You can also mix Kinderperfect with Cards Against Humanity cards if you want to get a little wilder. Card games are the perfect way to laugh hysterically, get some interesting convos going, and bond with your best gals.

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Sheet masks

Glam Up sheet masks
Credit: Amazon

If you’re having a low-key get-together, sheet masks are a simple way to treat yourself. Just throw one on, sit back, and relax. Self-care seems to take a backseat once you become a mother. Throwing something like sheet masks into the mix at your next shindig is a great way to spoil your friends who totally deserve it.

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Credit: Amazon

Bad Moms is one of our mom’s night in must-haves. While classics like Clueless and Mean Girls will always have a place in our hearts, Bad Moms is something we can relate to more these days. Hanging out on the couch next to your favorite people with a drink in your hand sounds like mom heaven to us.

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We don’t know about you, but this list of products for the perfect mom’s night in gave us the kick in the ass we needed to start a group text and make plans for a well overdue hang out sesh with our favorite mom friends. What’s your idea of the perfect mom’s night in?

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