Moms Need These 20 Things If They Want To Use The Baby Nursery Properly

We always hear about women who get pregnant and immediately start nesting. Suddenly they're all about keeping their apartment or house as clean as possible and they want to vacuum and scrub and decorate all of the time. This is totally normal and it's all about your maternal instincts kicking in, although if you're not typically the neatest person and leave a mess everywhere you (and your husband or partner) might be surprised.

One of the most fun things about expecting a baby is setting up your little one's nursery. Whether you have a vision that you're dreaming of or want to wing in it terms of the design and just find cute and fun things, you know that this is an important room in the house. It's when you sit back and realize, "Yup, I'm definitely going to become a mom" and that is a really exciting moment.

There is a lot of information when it comes to what you do and don't need to get for your baby nursery. How do you even start to figure it out? There are some things that are crucial and others that don't matter at all. Read on to find out the 20 things that moms need to use the baby nursery properly.

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20 Sweet Dreams: A Crib

When we think of babies, we always picture them sleeping and looking adorable in their cute little crib. A crib is definitely on a mom's list of the things she needs to get for the baby nursery.

According to Mom Tricks, some people aren't sure if they should get a crib or a bassinet. This website says that a bassinet is only for the first six months so a crib is the better bet:

"A crib is a much more long-term purchase. They’ll be in it every day for years, and if you go with a convertible crib, even longer than that. Convertible cribs can be changed into a toddler bed and even a full-sized bed eventually."

That last part is so handy, right?

19 Beauty Sleep: These Are Important

Parents joke about not getting enough sleep for the first year of their baby's life (or maybe even longer depending on what kind of sleeper the little one is) and parents definitely spend a lot of time trying to get their babies to sleep like champs on a nightly basis.

It makes sense that figuring out how to help the baby sleep the best should be a priority when outfitting the baby nursery. According to The Bump, a mattress that isn't too soft and won't move around ("less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib") is a good idea. You also need to get blankets, sheets, and pads.

18 Diaper Changes: As Many As You Can Buy

Getting your baby to sleep and changing a lot of diapers are two main aspects of having a newborn. It might sound tough and like it would take some getting used to, and many parents are open about the journey and what it's like to take care of a baby. Even before your adorable baby boy or girl is here, you have to think about the nursery.

As this parent posted on Reddit about what to buy for the baby nursery, a lot of diapers is important:

"More nappies/diapers. No, more than that. No, more even than that."

Having a huge supply of diapers is a good idea because of course they will get used.

17 Getting All Cozy: Lots Of Blankets

Blankets are another smart thing to buy for the baby nursery. Just imagine how comfy and cozy your baby will be. This is a really sweet thing to think about when you're pregnant and buying clothing and objects and toys and furniture for your soon-to-be born baby.

It's almost too exciting to imagine all of the moments when you'll be cuddling with your son or daughter.

Babble says about buying the blankets, "Depending on climate and season you’ll want to have at least five cotton or fleece receiving blankets for swaddling and snuggling. For days when you’re on the go, a stroller blanket is essential."

16 Swinging Around: You'll Want One Of These

Did we ever have a swing when we were babies or toddlers? Chances are, we did, and our parents will tell us that they have many fond memories of us swinging around in there. They probably say that we absolutely adored it.

The same thing will most likely be true for our own son or daughter. As a parent helpfully posted on Reddit, a swing is a great idea for the baby nursery. They wrote, "Plug in swing- For peace of mind, it's SO easy to put baby down and let him/her sleep in this thing. We tried to be cheap and got a bouncer, and then ended up buying a nice $200 swing that plugs into the wall and plays different songs and makes chirping noises and stuff. I consider it a lifesaver."

15 Night Night: You Need Some Light

via: Pinterest.com

According to What To Expect, a night light is another great thing for the baby nursery since when our little one wakes up, we'll be in their nursery in the middle of the night.

Not sleeping through the night is one thing that we'll have to get used to after becoming parents, and whatever we can do to help that adjustment is a good idea.

Even though a night light might seem like something small compared to how sleepy we're going to feel, it'll make a difference. It's one of those tiny details that we'll be so glad that we remembered.

14 Not The Most Fun Item: A Garbage Can

Are you thinking about buying a trash can for the baby nursery? This might not be on the top of your list (and it's not exciting at all) but it's important. As a parent posted on Reddit about what to get for the nursery, "Trash Can--kind of an obvious thing, and not really furniture--but if you consider how much waste you'll be creating in that room, I think its worth while to make sure you have a good can that can close on top, can easily remove bags from, etc."

This is totally one of those items that you might not remember to get, but after enough days of running to the nearest bathroom to throw stuff out, you'll finally just go out and get a trash can for the baby's room.

You might as well get it before they arrive.

13 Safety, Please: You'll Need To Monitor The Baby

Babble says that getting a baby monitor is crucial and there are a few things to keep in mind. As the publication says, "Invest in a monitor with two receivers so you can keep one in your bedroom for nighttime and another in the kitchen, living room, or home office for the day. Some monitors have the ability to intermittently scan two rooms to listen for a napping toddler and newborn at the same time."

They also mention that some baby monitors and garage door openers or cell phones don't mix, so it makes sense to give a few a try before finding the best one.

12 Lots Of Changes: A Table With Drawers, Please

A changing table is just as important as a crib for the baby nursery, but as this parent posted on Reddit, picking the right one takes a bit more thought and effort. They wrote,

"My "protip" from family members: A changing table is worthless unless it has drawers. (Which yours does, yay!) But I hope that pad you have there is easily changed out/washed too!"

Thanks to this super helpful comment, we know that we need a changing table with drawers and also a pad that we can wash. Phew. It's so awesome that so many parents are willing to share everything that they have learned along the way.

11 Tiny Reader: Space For Books

A bookshelf is something else that Babble recommends.

If we're huge readers ourselves, then we know that when we have a baby, it's our dream that we'll be raising little readers. We want them to get lost in the magical world of books just as we always have and this is crucial to us. We not only need to get our sons or daughters lots of books but we need a great place to put them, and a cute bookshelf is the best plan. We can decorate them in all kinds of ways and look online for inspiration. This will be a fun project.

10 Little Rocker: You Definitely Want This Chair

We know that babies love to rock (not in the rock and roll sense although that would be pretty cute). It's more that they love to be rocked to sleep or they love to be in a rocking chair.

As Parenting suggests, a rocking chair is something that moms need to use the baby nursery properly. The publication says,

"Babies love the soothing back-and-forth motion, so having a glider or rocker in the nursery is usually worth the investment."

The cool thing is that you can find so many these days that are not only functional but also look great, so no matter what your style of decor, you can find something that you really love (and that your baby loves too, of course).

9 Sweet Music: A Good Idea

Figuring out how to use the baby nursery properly is about more than just the necessary furniture or having a few toys around. You also have to think about the ambiance and creating a nice and lovely and beautiful environment, and one thing that is a great idea is getting some music for your baby. New Parent says getting tapes or some CDs of lullabies is something that moms should think about, and it's definitely a really amazing idea.

It's never too early to introduce your baby to music and the arts, so this isn't something that you want to miss out on.

8 The Clothes Make The Baby: Get A Dresser

Babies may be little but they do have quite the wardrobe by the time that they're only a few weeks or months old... mostly because they are spoiled by family and friends who can't help but buy cute little outfits for them.

Money Crashers has a list of what moms need for the baby nursery and one thing that's on it is a dresser. This is something to remember for sure.

Babies need somewhere for all their clothes just like we do, and buying a cute and aesthetically pleasing dresser will add to the overall look of the nursery as well.

7 Beautiful Decor: This Is So Smart

Today.com also says that getting wallpaper is a good idea, and they have a really good tip: buy wallpaper that you can wash. The reason? Because, well, babies can get messy.

Yes, of course your little one will be the sweetest and cutest kid ever... but babies are messy and that's just the way that it is. This way, if you buy wallpaper that can be washed, you can keep it for a long time. Since you might love the pattern and get kind of attached, this is great news. While painting the room is always going to be nice and pleasant, there's something special and fun about wallpaper.

6 Babies Just Want To Have Stuff: You Need Storage

New Parent gives this great advice: buy something that you can use to store all of the baby's toys and clothing and, well, stuff in. Storage might be something that we don't immediately think of when we're wondering what to stock the baby's room with.

After all, we know that we want them to have lots of adorable clothing and the coolest toys and the books that we used to read (or have read to) when we were little.

We're full of nostalgia and love. Storage isn't quite as exciting or lovely as those other things, but it's equally as important.

5 Feeding Time: This Is A Good Pillow To Have

Money Crashers has this awesome advice: buy a nursing pillow. As this website says, "A nursing pillow is important as well. When nursing your baby, their head needs to be propped up in order to avoid indigestion and gas. Trying to support the baby in this position without a pillow will lead to carpal tunnel."

We don't want that... so we want a nursing pillow for sure. This just proves that there are so many things to know about becoming a mom and raising a baby, but we can breathe deeply and know that we're finding out everything that we need to know and we're doing a good job.

4 Breastfeeding Time: This, Too

A breastfeeding pump is another thing that moms should get in order to use the baby nursery to the best of their ability.

This awesome tip comes from Baby Center and the website says that this is particularly good for the six weeks after bringing the baby home from the hospital.

When we think about what we need for the baby nursery, we think of a crib and other pieces of furniture right off the top of our heads, but there are so many other things that are a great idea. A breastfeeding pump is one of those, and we'll be glad that we have it.

3 So Artistic: You Need This, Too

What about decorating the baby nursery? While it might not be as important as a crib, it's up there in terms of how to use this room in the house properly. Moms will be spending a lot of time in their baby's room so they need to decorate it and get some art to put up on the walls. This amazing advice comes from Today.com and brings up the smart point that having a happy nursery involves decorating it.

For some moms, this comes naturally and is one of the best parts about becoming a parent. For others, they don't consider home decor to be one of their interests at all, and it might take a bit more effort.

2 Keeping It Comfy: A Fan

What To Expect suggests that moms buy a fan for the baby nursery.

It's smart since it keeps the temperature in the room down and also it's white noise. That's great for babies and sleep.

Moms know that a crib is something that needs to go in the nursery and it's not exactly up for debate, but a fan might not seem like top of mind or even something that is necessary at all. That's what makes it such a good tip: it might be unexpected but it's super useful. Moms will be so glad that they bought a fan when the room is way too hot and it's just not cooling down or when the baby needs some white noise for better sleep.

1 Middle Of The Night: A Comfy Chair

The final thing that moms should get for the baby nursery is a comfy chair. This is a great piece of advice from Mom Tricks:  "You’re going to be up at weird hours of the night for the first few months for feedings and diaper changes. It’s just inevitable. I recommend getting a nursing (glider) chair. The beauty of a nursing chair is that they’re really comfortable and convenient to sit in while you feed, or just soothe your child."

With these 20 things, your baby nursery will be beautiful, perfect to use, and cozy for both you and your little one.

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