10 Things Most Moms Forget When Planning A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a common occurrence when a family is expecting a new family member. Most of the time, friends and family members put together this event as a way for people to shower the parents-to-be with presents, love, and support.

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There is a lot of gear that comes along with a baby, and there are many details to keep in mind when it comes to a baby shower. So whether someone out there is planning one, showing up as a guest, or getting ready to be the mom who is being showered, these are the tips to keep in mind based on what many forget.

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10 A Detailed Guest List

Coming up with a list of who will be invited to this shower is one of the first tasks to complete. Of course, the expecting mother's close friends and family members will be invited, as well as the other expecting parent’s pals and loved ones. Co-workers, neighbors, and mentors are good to include, but think beyond that.

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Who will be excited about this news? Who would feel left out without an invite? Who has played a special role in life? Who would be happy to pitch in on strollers, onesies, diapers, and bottles? The more, the merrier when it comes to showers—and they are not just for the ladies, either!

9 The Perfect Date & Location

The second item to check off the to-do list is the date and location. People may be coming in from across the state and even from around the world, all in order to celebrate this time in life. However, people need to realize that this is about the expecting mother.

Where does she live? What works with her schedule? What type of vibe will fit best with her personality and preferences? The location should be centered around her in a nearby and comfortable spot, and she should get the final say on the date and time.

8 An Easy-To-Access Registry

After the invitations have been mailed out, people will turn to the registry in order to purchase gifts. Beforehand, the expecting mom needs to make sure she has a detailed list of all the items she needs, plus a few that she is just wanting, too.

An online registry is easy to use and will give people an idea of the theme, the gender, and the wish list. But think about those who don’t have internet access or who prefer shopping in the flesh; a go-to spot like Target or a local boutique is another smart option.

7 Exciting Games

Alright, it is time to talk about games. Those who are planning the shower need to have some simple and fun ones ready to go. Those who are attending need to be ready to play… and may need to be prepared to play the same ol’ ones that are always seen at showers!

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The person who is the guest of honor need to let the hosts know if she is okay with people guessing her due date, wrapping toilet paper around her belly, and so on, since these are some common activities seen at showers. But please make them more exciting, planners!

6 A Smart Process

The main attraction at a baby shower is the opening and/or viewing of gifts, and it needs to be decided how this process will play out. Will the unwrapped presents be displayed around a home while everyone looks at them and mingles?

Will the expecting mother sit in the middle of the room and open every gift in front of everyone? Who will write down all the recipients? Where will the trash go? Is there a table that everyone places presents on? Organization is key, so figure out what will work best and run with it.

5 The Perfect Seat

The woman who is getting ready to welcome a child into the world deserves the perfect seat. Opt for something that is comfy and will keep her supported. It should also be a bit tall—but not too tall—so that she can sit and stand up in the best way possible.

Feel free to decorate the chair to make it more festive. Buy her a throne, if possible! And position this chair in a place where all can see her, to shower her with all that love and all of those presents. Yes, the perfect seat is something to keep in mind.

4 Sweets & Treats

Another thing that people expect at a shower would be sweets and treats. Usually, there is a cake. Sometimes, there are other finger foods, such as cupcakes, mints, veggies, and little sandwiches. There are no rules, though, so go with what suits the expecting parents best.

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There could be a backyard barbecue. An intimate gathering could be held at a restaurant. And instead of a cake, maybe a pizza would work best. Get creative, put the guest of honor first, and feel free to offer up options (for picky eaters and those with allergies).

3 Host Gifts

At the end of the event, the mother-to-be should give the hosts a gift in order to thank them for putting on this wonderful baby shower. This doesn’t have to be something big and elaborate, but it should show appreciation.

Some good ideas include memo pads, dish towels, gift cards to a coffee shop, or a small coffee table book. These people will probably be close friends and family members, so think about what they like and thank them in a sweet and creative way. It is a must after all they have done!

2 Thank You Notes

The final task for the expecting mom—one of the few things she has to do besides showing up and opening fun items—is to write thank you notes. People from all over and from different times in life have come together for this shower.

They spent money, time, and energy, all in order to help their friend/family member/coworker/neighbor/acquaintance get ready for this new chapter in life. Within a week, all of these people should receive handwritten notes that thank them for their specific presents and for their love, time, and support, too.

1 The Real Reason For Celebrating

And, of course, everyone needs to remember the real reason for celebrating. Not everyone may like the food that is served. The same games that are always presented may be played. Not everyone will be able to make it. Some people will ignore the registry completely. Not everything will be 100 percent perfect.

But the point is to gather around this growing family, to equip them for this time, to assure them that they have got this, to honor them in a way, and to, well, shower them. Do that, and the baby shower will for sure be a success!

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