10 Things Most Moms Forget When Decorating A Nursery

When a mom is getting ready to add a new family member, she gets to decorate a nursery! She gets to decide on colors and products that will come together to create a safe and sweet space for this baby.

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Many mothers have general ideas in mind, which they would like to incorporate into these rooms. There are specific pieces of furniture and certain images on Pinterest that will inspire a baby’s nursery. And while any design trend works, there are some things that may be forgotten during the decorating process. Here they are, and here is how to not forget them!

10 The Comfiest Chair

One of the most important things that should go into a nursery is not for the baby at all—it is for mom (and dad and grandma and the babysitter and so on). Yes, a comfy chair is key. It needs to be there for rocking the child to sleep, for nursing, and for sweet snuggles that happen over the years while reading the best books.

And remember that moms fall asleep in these chairs quite often, so opt for a plush one that reclines and that rocks. Don’t be afraid to splurge on this super necessary piece of furniture.

9 Easy Access

Something else to keep in mind is access. How far is this room from mom’s? Where will all the clothes, diapers, and toys be kept? How will tools like nail clippers and thermometers be stored? Can the baby get into things that they should not be getting into at all?

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Is there something in front of the crib that mom could trip over when making night calls? Can wipes be pulled out of their container with one hand during diaper changes? Access is very important in this room!

8 Messes

Here is an update and a fact of life: messes will happen. There will be spills and accidents. Nothing will be perfect or stay clean for very long. That is part of having a baby! That being said, have all the necessary cleaning products purchased and ready to go.

Maybe don’t go for an all-white nursery design. Be okay with things not being okay. Always bring an extra change of clothes when traveling (for the baby and maybe for mom, too!) Many moms forget all the possible messes that can happen, so be prepared for anything and everything.

7 Transitional Pieces

When decorating a nursery, many forget how quickly kids grow. Before long, a baby will be crawling out of a crib. Outfits will be too small. It will be time for more child locks and a bigger bed.

In today’s day and age, though, there are tons of great transitional pieces. There are cribs that can turn into beds or that double as changing tables, and there are strollers that offer up multiple seats and car seats. Consider going for things like this in order to avoid having to soon replace many items in the nursery!

6 A Theme… Or Not

Pinterest, Instagram, and our friend’s homes are full of design ideas for baby rooms. Some people like certain styles, such as rustic, modern or retro. Some people like certain colors, meaning they paint their nurseries blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Some people decide on a certain theme like literature, animals, or travel.

All of these ideas are great, but don’t feel pressured to decide on one theme. As long as the baby has all that they need, it will work and come together to be a fab space.

5 Disposal

There are three things that babies do regularly: eat, sleep, and get rid of what was eaten! Therefore, moms should not forget about disposal. There are diaper genies that are supposed to trap in any smells associated with the dirty diapers that are thrown away. There are old grocery bags that can be reused as a way to throw these stinky items away, too.

Decide what will work best for the household based on possessions, locations, and ease, and make sure to dispose of everything in a proper and an efficient way (in the nursery or in another room, like the garage or bathroom).

4 Hazards

Speaking of safety and proper measures, think about all the possible hazards around the house. Baby-proofing is a big step, and it requires getting rid of things, moving things, and closing up things in a new and better way.

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While the nursery may look soft and fluffy and cozy, babies find ways to get in between pieces of furniture, find little parts of toys, roll off beds, and so on. So, moms, double-check this room, high and low, to make sure that any safety hazards are taken care of before the baby moves into the place.

3 Baby Number Two

When it is time to decorate this new room, the focus is on what this child will need and what the finished product will look like. But remember that time flies! Before long, baby number two could be entering the world.

So, if possible, think about that when decorating. A parent may go for a theme and color palette that could work for a boy or a girl. A family may keep most baby clothes in case they are needed again in a couple of years. A registry may be full of gender-neutral items that can work for years.

2 Space

One of the aspects that is often overlooked is space. A mom may have a design idea in mind. Then she has a baby shower. Then the baby arrives. And all of a sudden, this room is overcrowded!

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From day one, make sure the space is being used in a smart way. Utilize several different organizational tools. Think about what is really needed and what is not. Perhaps even a garage sale is necessary to get rid of the old and make room for the new. As said, babies come with lots of stuff, so make lots of space!

1 A Happy Baby

The thing that moms could forget or that they need to be reminded of is that this is all about a happy baby. A pretty room is great. A detailed registry is handy. Storage methods are useful. And that comfy chair will be greatly appreciated by many.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter what color the walls are, how many outfits a kid has, where the crib is positioned, or if there is even a separate room for this newborn at all! All that matters is that this new member of the family has a safe, comforting, and welcoming place to call home.

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