Mom's Baby Monitor Warning Goes Viral Because It's Super Freaky


One mother reveals that her baby’s bedroom monitor was recently hacked by an outside intruder. An unknown person watched her and her baby from within the walls of her own home without her knowledge. And now she’s warning other parents that their electronic devices at home might also be vulnerable to the same security threat she experienced with her baby’s FREDI monitor.

According to mom Jamie Summitt, she says that she was left shocked when she found out that someone was watching every little step and move she and her family made while inside their home. The baby monitor that she purchased from Amazon was equipped with WiFi, which meant that she could access it via an app on her smartphone. The camera itself can be turned 360 degrees by simply swiping your finger across your phone screen.

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, Jamie wrote, “This afternoon I had the app pulled up and was watching Noah sleep in the bassinet in our room. I was in the living room with the only two people who had access (or so I thought) to the monitor.”

I’ve been debating on whether or not to make this post, but have decided to go ahead in hopes that it prevents anyone...

Posted by Jamie Summitt on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jamie said that her heart sank into her stomach when she realized that she was feeling so violated knowing that someone was watching her and her son during what were very intimate moments at home.

Jamie added, “All of a sudden I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the camera was moving...and it was panning over to our bed. The exact spot that I breastfeed my son every day. Once the person watching realized I was not in bed, he panned back over to Noah asleep in his bassinet.”

She also says that as her son’s protector, she feels as though she failed miserably and is so distraught over what had happened that she doesn’t even want to go ever go back inside her own bedroom. She also noted that the WiFi her family uses at home for their router is password protected.

Unfortunately, Jaime and her husband called local law enforcement agent but nothing can be done. She also notified Amazon of the situation but they advised her to call the baby monitor company to file her complaint. Jaime advised parents to unplug and throw away their baby monitoring devices.

So far FREDI has not responded to any requests for comments. Experts though agree that it’s quite unfortunate that many of these electronic devices can be easily hacked by outside intruders. Experts suggest that parents use a baby monitor that has a radio frequency or RF monitor instead of a WiFi-enabled device in order to avoid security issues. Also, make sure that you are using unique passwords and that your devices are always updated.

If you have any questions or concerned about the devices in your own home, reach out to the manufacturer for more details.

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