New Lifetime Movie Explores The Dark Side Of Motherhood

There’s a new Lifetime film that is exploring the dark side of motherhood. Mommy Murder Group isn’t based on a true story; many critics have said that it could very well be. The movie is the story of a new mom that joins a mommy group in her community. She wants to find friends with the hope that it will help ease the stress of her everyday life. Everything goes well until someone’s husband in the group winds up dead.

The new mom, named Natalie, is convinced that one of the other moms in the group is responsible for the murder. Even though Natalie is dealing with her own postpartum depression, she makes it her mission to find out who is responsible behind the husband’s death. She races against time to find of the truth before she and her own family members make it on the killer’s list.

A lot of fans aren’t surprised that the Lifetime Network would come up with such a murderous plot, considering how many of the channel’s films revolve around mothers with bad reputations. Directed by Nick Everheart, he told fans on Twitter that the film was initially titled The Perfect One. He says that the film focuses on a lot of things that many everyday moms deal with on a daily basis: postpartum depression, motherhood, and the expectations that other people have on moms, regardless of whether they work outside of the home or not.

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Posted by Lifetime on Saturday, March 16, 2019

It begins when a mother named Grace invited Natalie to join her group of mom friends. The women do what many so-called ‘mom groups’ do when they get together: drink wine, have MNO’s and gossip about their private lives. But things take a turn for the worst after Natalie realizes that Grace and her husband Ryan have been getting a little too up close and personal.

At least, that’s what it looks like to Natalie. No one knows if they are having an affair. There’s speculation that Grace might have killed her own husband in order to be with Ryan. The teaser trailer for the movie shows clips of a gun, a bloody knife, and plenty of screams.

Mommy Murder Group stars Helena Mattsson, Leah Pipes, Lisa Thornhill, Nichole Galicia. The film is currently airing on the Lifetime Network.

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