Mommin' Ain't Easy: 10 Things These Moms Always Forget (And 10 Things They Never Forget)

Moms are human - simple as that.  

When a new mom walks into motherhood, they are smacked in the face with many new tasks, goals, and surprises. This is typically expected and isn't a huge surprise to new parents. However, once they are in the middle of the new and exciting chaos, some of those tasks can either be pushed aside or forgotten about altogether.

Of course, in the heat of the moment, this can bring on anxiety. However, it can also bring forth laughable moments later on. When a new mom is standing in her undergarments with a crying baby in one arm and her breastpump in the other, she may not think the scene is a funny one at the time.

Give it a year and she will crack up at the memory.

Being able to laugh at yourself releases tension and makes motherhood what it is - a beautiful, scary, joyous experience. During the adventure, moms also begin to cling onto certain activities and tasks they find to be important. These specific tasks also may be things they are just good at and never forget to do. When a new mom gets into her groove, she finds out what works and what doesn't. When she discovers what she's good at or what works, that's something she just doesn't forget.

10 Things These Moms Forget To Do

20 "I Always Forget To Shave The Other Leg."

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"[I always forget to] shave the other leg," states mom of one, Morgan Coggins. Once a new baby is in the picture, shaving isn't always a mom's top priority. If the little one starts crying when a mama quickly sneaks away to shave - that other leg becomes old news

Why? Because the baby always comes first.

Shaving your legs is a boring, timely process. Even before a baby was in the picture, shaving may not have been your favorite past-time - especially during the colder months. Since this is the case, it makes sense that shaving can easily be forgotten during the chaos of motherhood.

19 The Darn Deodorant

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Being a stay-at-home/work-from-home mama, I don't always care about how I look or smell. This is often because the smell of dirty diapers usually takes over any other scent in the house - no matter how many candles or diffusers are going. I do always remember to brush my teeth and eat my breakfast, but putting on deodorant? That usually is forgotten.

It is normal for many new moms to care for their babies before they care for themselves. Even if there are those few things a new mom remembers to do for herself, there will be a whole list of things she forgets.

18 Scheduling Personal Appointments

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A new mama may be obsessive about getting her newborn to appointments, but getting herself to appointments? That is often a little bit tougher.

While putting your baby first is important, it is also important to make your health a priority as well. Whether it be dental, medical, or mental health - making sure to schedule those personal appointments is beneficial to not only you, but your little family as well. When Mom is feeling healthy and focused, she can be a more energetic and loving caregiver, partner, and friend.

17 "I Never End Up Eating Until Later."


"[I always forget to] eat," says mom of three, Jessica Sugg. "I always feed them and I never end up eating until later." When a mom is hungry - she sure is hungry. This is usually because she hasn't fed herself as appropriately as she should have. Meeting the needs of the babies involved is always at the forefront of a mama's mind. If her little one is crying, she will do her best to figure out why. If the baby needs new clothes, she will rush to clean those loads of laundry. New moms are always on the go, but sometimes forget the appropriate nutrition to push that energy along.

Therefore, a new mom can end up pretty darn hangry most of the time - and you don't want to bother a hangry mama (unless it is making her a meal, that is).

16 Wash The Sheets


No one likes to fold fitted sheets. The one person who actually enjoys folding or putting on fitted sheets probably is not human. Not only does this dislike go for your own sheets, but it can also continue on to crib sheets.

Fitted sheets are fitted sheets no matter who they belong to.

I will admit it - my own mother will often put the fitted sheets on the crib mattresses when she visits. She visits often and when she does, only then do I seem to remember to wash the crib sheets. It has become one of those tasks I don't focus on unless the sheets smell, have spit-up on them, or there was an overnight accident.

15 "Moving Over The Laundry."


"I feel like moving over the laundry is a given," says Morgan Coggins regarding typically forgotten "new mom" tasks. When it comes to changing over the laundry, folding the laundry, and putting everything away, the process becomes a nauseating one.

Similar to washing and changing fitted sheets, doing laundry often becomes a forgotten task on a mom's to-do list. After a couple days of forgotten laundry, the dirty clothes start to pile up - and smell (especially if there is lingering spit-up and you-know-what in there). Then you really wish that task hadn't been forgotten - but it doesn't make it any easier.

14 Lukewarm Or Cold Coffee Is Normal


Oh, coffee.

For most moms, coffee is the link to survival. Wake up - make coffee. After the second diaper change of the morning - make more coffee. Put the kids down for their nap - more coffee. Whether it's coffee or tea or soda, it becomes normal to forget that you filled your cup up in the first place.

Moms grow accustomed to forgetting their cup under the Keurig or next to the full coffee pot. Moms also grow used to drinking lukewarm coffee or re-heated coffee. Whatever the preference may be, one thing is clear - many moms can't live without it.

13 "I Always Forget To Brush Their Teeth."

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When the toothbrush is introduced to your little one, it is an exciting, hilarious experience. They may even look forward to that little toothbrush when it comes their way after a few times using it. However, like many other aspects of life, that excitement starts to fade - and so does a parent's memory of needing to use it.

"I always forget to brush their teeth in the morning," says mom of twins, Katie Kosmider. Katie isn't the only mama who has walked on this path. Mom of one, Heather Dianne, also experiences some frustration when it comes to this task.

"I forget this too," Heather explains. "But my son refuses to brush his teeth or let me do it."

12 "I Almost Always Forget To Bring The Diaper Bag."

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You would think that the diaper bag would be the first thing a mom remembers when packing the car to travel with her little one. Wrong. On top of changing the baby, getting the baby in the car seat, getting the car seat in the car, and making sure Mom has herself together, sometimes Mom remembers that diaper bag when she is halfway to her destination.

"I almost always forget to bring a diaper bag," admits mom, Heather Dianne. This is not a rare occurrence. For all those new moms out there - you just wait. You may laugh at this now, but you won't be laughing when you're almost done with your road trip and you forgot all the diapers and wipes.

11 "I Have Been Known To Forget Everything!" 


"I have been known to forget almost everything," admits mom of two, Katie Day. "I have the world's worst memory."

Many moms feel the same way. When the primary focus is on the baby, everything else takes the backseat. This doesn't always mean a mom's needs are pushed aside, it can also mean typical, everyday activities get jumbled in the chaos of motherhood.

"I'm very forgetful and I'm always misplacing things around the house," says Alyssa Kurtzworth, mom of one. "Like putting Cheerios in the fridge or milk in the cabinet. Once it was the milk in the dishwasher, but I don't want to talk about it."

And 10 Things These Moms Never Forget

10 "I Never Forget My Kid."

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You may think it to be insane that a parent would ever forget their own child. In the midst of the craziness going on in a new mom's world, she very well could forget her little one sitting in the car seat in the kitchen as she gets ready to back out of the driveway. I sometimes fear I will forget to put one of my twins in the car and I will back out of the driveway and see a lone car seat in front of me.

These are very real fears and situations, but some moms make sure never, ever to make these fears a reality. Morgan Coggins is one of those moms. "Something I never forget is my kid," she says confidently.

If you do one thing right today, make it this.

9 The Before-Bedtime Check-In


For the first couple of months my twins were born, I would often put them to sleep and that was it. My mind was so busy and my emotions were so jumbled that once they were asleep, I did a mad-dash to get everything else done before passing out for a few hours. I would rarely check on them before I passed out because, well, I was that tired.

Now, this is something I never, ever forget to do. By around eight months, the nightly check-in became a concrete part of my nightly routine. Before this, I relied on the monitor - something that isn't as personal and intimate as a goodnight check-in. Now, I never go to bed without making sure the girls were comfortable and sleeping well in their cribs.

8 "His Blanket."

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Many children have a toy or item they cling to. These items are often familiar and give off a sense of comfort or a smell that is calming. However, when that item is accidentally left behind - the parents will never hear the end of it.

The cries, the screams, the terror in their eyes - it is a memory no parent wants to remember.

"I never forget 'B' - [the name of] his blanket," explains Heather Dianne. Being a mother of a toddler, Heather probably does not want to experience what it would be like forgetting that blanket.

7 Making The Coffee

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It is a known fact that many moms forget to drink their coffee when they have a new baby in the house. Between soothing, feeding, entertaining, cleaning, and pumping, that coffee sometimes stays put under the Keurig - silently waiting.

Even though many moms forget to drink their coffee when it is hot, they still don't forget to make it. The literal, act of brewing of coffee is almost always a mama's first thought after they meet the needs of their little one - sometimes it even comes before. That pick-me-up is often crucial and rarely forgotten - even if the mug itself is.

6 "I Never Forget To Clean My Kids' Ears."


"I never, ever forget to clean my kids' ears," admits Katie Day. "Dirty ears gross me right out." Some people are disgusted by dirty diapers. Some people are disgusted my day-old sheets. Some people are disgusted by dirty ears.

To each their own, but one thing is for sure - when you're disgusted by something, you don't forget it.

Remembering to clean your little one's ears isn't always the easiest task. Since a baby has many needs, the act of ear-cleaning isn't always on the tip-top of every mom's list. However, when you can't stand stinky, waxy ears, you make sure those q-tips are always within reach.

5 Routine, Routine, Routine


From the moment my twins were born, I knew routine would be important. Being someone who is slightly obsessive about her own schedule, I knew motherhood would be as routine as it could possibly be. I also knew that motherhood is unexpected and that schedules wouldn't always go as expected.

However, I have surprisingly done a pretty good job keeping a routine down.

We have had a very concrete schedule intact for over a year now. As the girls have grown and changed, so has their schedule. However, it has stayed pretty similar over the time and this has been beneficial for both the girls and the family as a whole. When something works, you don't forget it.

4 "We Haven't Lost A Shoe In Public."


"I'm always losing my phone and forgetting to brush my hair, but I'll never forget to check that we haven't lost a shoe in public though," says Alyssa Kurtzworth. "I haven't lost one yet and I don't plan on starting now."

A new mom's first thought isn't always focused on their baby's footwear. Between constantly smelling their little one's bottom and making funny faces to keep them occupied, footwear isn't a top priority. However, when this is something you just don't want to deal with during an outing, you make sure to keep an eye on your little one's feet.

3 The Neverending To-Do List


Being someone who is a tad obsessive with routine and keeping life relatively organized (even with twins), making a to-do list is necessary. I have always been a list-maker, but ever since the girls were born and I became a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, list-making was brought to a whole new level.

If I don't touch upon at least half of the listed items, more chaos will ensue in our already chaotic little world (organized chaos, I must add). I know I at least have to attempt to organize the day ahead so when I do get a few items checked off the list, I feel like I got something useful done.

2 "I Never Forget To Brush Their Hair."

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Mom of twins, Jessica Wheeler, remembers to do something that many parents often forget. "I never forget to brush their hair," she says confidently. While some babies and toddlers don't have enough hair to brush, some little ones have tons. This means they get to deal with those feisty snarls and knots from an early age.

Getting your little one accustomed to brushing their hair and maintaining their hygiene at an early age is helpful. It shows them the importance of cleanliness, even though many toddlers don't fully accept (or try to accept) this concept until they are a little older. Still, not forgetting to brush their hair is a good task to remember.

1 Naptime Is A Precious, Never Forgotten Time

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Oh, naptime. Naptime is a precious, special, necessary time when a mama's little one takes a break and, more times than not, so does mama. During those initial newborn weeks, it is suggested for the new mom to rest when the little one does. Of course, this isn't always realistic because moms have a ton on their plate and never enough time.

So it makes sense that naptime would be a very concrete and never forgotten time in a mom's routine.

My girls usually have two naptimes during the day: a short nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. If I am extra tired, I allow myself to rest during their quick morning nap. However, during their long nap, work is getting done, the house is getting cleaned, and tasks are getting accomplished. You bet I never skip naptimes.

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