10 Moments You’ll Experience As A Mom That Make It All Worth It

Being a mom is a mix of wonderful, magical moments and the hardest times that you can imagine. As soon as you're home after giving birth, you have so many emotions and you love staring at your sweet, amazing baby... but you're overtired, worried, and your mind is going a mile a minute.

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Motherhood means a lot of self-doubt and concern but hoping that you made the right choices. It means looking out for your family and being there for them and wanting to be the best parent you can be. While there are going to be times when things feel especially difficult, there are other times that let you know you're on the right path.

Here are 10 moments you'll experience as a mom that'll make it all worth it.

10 Middle-Of-The Night Cuddles

New moms get used to being up at 2 a.m. and feeding their baby, and while you're staring at the clock with tired eyes and wondering if you'll get to sleep again, your baby falls asleep on your shoulder. They look so peaceful that your heart just wants to burst.

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This is such a sweet moment and those middle-of-the-night cuddles make it all worth it. There's nothing like that mother/child bond, and it's a truly magical feeling.

9 The First Time Your Child Says "Mom"

When your little one is starting to talk, you can't help but wish that their first word will be "mom" (or some variation). Sure, if they say "dad" first you would still think that was so adorable, but it's normal to hope for this.

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At some point, your child will say "mom" and you're going feel so amazing. It's definitely a moment that you'll experience as a mom that will make it all worth it.

8 When They Say They Love You

Another perfect motherhood moment is when your kid says that they love you. The first time this happens, you're going to feel super emotional. And every time since is going to be just as great.

No matter how tired you are or how much is going on, this is always going to make you think about how wonderful it is to be a mom.

7 When Your Kid Does A School Assignment About You

A popular preschool or elementary school assignment is asking kids to fill out a list of facts about their mom. Kids will say what their mom's favorite food is, what they like to do for fun, etc.

When it's your little one's turn to do this type of assignment, you're going to be so proud and this will be such a special moment. These are always so adorable and the answers can be so humorous. When your kid writes that your favorite drink is water, for example, you'll know it's because you're always mentioning the benefits of staying hydrated. And when they say that your job is something hilarious that isn't even a job (like drinking coffee), you'll want to show everyone that you know.

6 Introducing Your First Kid To Their Sibling

If you decide to have a second child, the moment when your two kids meet is going to be incredibly sweet and special. This will absolutely make everything feel worth it, and it's going to be impossible not to shed many, many tears.

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Your older child will be thrilled to have a sibling and be the big brother or sister. They'll love showing them which toys are the best, hanging out with them, and being involved.

5 When They Show Their Manners And Kind Nature

Parents always want to teach their children manners. For a little while, you might have to give little, gentle reminders to say "thank you" and "please."

But when you notice your toddlers minding their manners without being prompted, it's a really great feeling. The same thing is true when your little one shows how kind they are. Maybe they ask their sibling if they're feeling better after being home with a cold.

4 Milestones, From Potty Training To Riding Bikes

Everyone remembers being taught to ride a bike, and that scary moment when your parent let go of you... but you had no idea. You thought they were still holding onto you, which gave you the confidence and courage to really go for it.

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When your kid reaches milestones, from being potty trained to learning to ride a bike, these are moments that you experience as a mom that make it all worth it.

3 Watching Them Find Their Passion In Life

All you want is for your children to be happy and find something that they're passionate about. Maybe your little one is really great at a certain sport, or they're an artist or a writer or a gifted musician.

When you watch your kids find their passion in life, from discovering hobbies and interests during childhood to figuring out what they want to study in college and do for a living, it's so gratifying as a parent.

2 The Moment Your Teen Makes A Tough (But Right) Decision

As a mom, all you can do is raise your kids to be kind, follow their gut instincts, treat people nicely and respectfully, and do the right thing. At a certain point, they're going to get older and be in a situation where you're not physically there and they have to make a judgment call.

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The moment your teenager makes a tough choice that is the right one (like standing up for someone being treated badly, or not going to a party that feels sketchy, or something along those lines), you're going to beam with pride.

1 Seeing Your Kid Become A Young Adult

People joke that you'll blink and your kids will be totally grown up, moving out, and going off to college. That's why the saying "the years are short but the days are long" is so popular and relatable.

When you see your kid become a sweet, mature, great young adult, you're going to feel like you did such a good job. This is another moment that you'll experience as a mom that makes it all worth it, and it's a big one.

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