Mom Won't Pay Babysitter Because She Got 'Ice Cream And Fun'

No matter how glorious your children are to be around, chances are you still have to pay a babysitter to watch them. After all, as most parents know, taking care of young children is no joke, and can often be more difficult than even the most stressful and high-pressure jobs in the world. But apparently not everyone believes that childcare should be a paid trade. In fact, one mother, who has been totally called out on Reddit, even tried to pay her babysitter with “ice cream and fun” instead of actual money.

In a series of text messages posted by the appalled babysitter, who goes by the screen name VortexThing, a mother defends her decision not to pay the sitter, who watched her rugrats for a whopping eight hours. The chain starts out with the babysitter graciously thanking the mother for the opportunity to watch her children, asking her if she can “swing by” the following day to pick up the money. “I wasn’t aware payment was involved,” responded the mom. “You got free ice cream and a day of fun…I’m sorry for the misinterpretation.” Um, seriously?

The sitter reminded her that they had previously agreed on payment of $16 an hour over text message, something the mother then asked her to prove. Luckily, the sitter hadn’t deleted any of their previous text messages and provided proof of their agreement. The mother defended the request by claiming, “I delete my messages often.”

The sitter then responded by apologizing to the mother, but explained that as much as she loved seeing her kids she was babysitting for payment exclusively. This is when things get really heated. “Well, you’re acting kind of stuck up aren’t you?” accused the mother. “Can we compromise at $20?” The sitter declines her paltry offer, reminding her of the simple mathematics behind her fee that equated to $128. “I’m not paying you $128 for a single day!” the mother blasted back. “They’re easy kids.” Because, apparently, if you think your kids are “easy” than you don’t pay someone for their time?

The sitter than tries to negotiate with the mother, suggesting $100 to call it a day. And then the mom takes it next level. “Absolutely not,” she retorts. “I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up cunt watching my kids. I am going to block you now – please do not contact me again.”

In a new post, the babysitter explained that her sister is helping her make the situation right, even contacting the father. “Yesterday, we decided to call the husband on his personal phone. It took a few tries to get through to him, but he eventually picked up and was quite sheepish about the whole thing. Basically, the conversation said something to the effect of ‘yeah, I’ll talk to her about it.’ Not very promising but he said he’d get back to us as soon as he could.”

Of course, he never responded…until she threatened legal action. “..we have decided we will be using a Small Claims Court if you do not return us the $128 in cash that you rightfully owe. You will have to go through legal fees and court proceedings and it will certainly cost you more than what you owe us. So, as soon as you and your wife stop acting like children and face the people you owe money to in person, we may be able to have a reasonable discussion,” they wrote.

Credit: removeddit / ChoosingBeggars

The threat of court apparently worked. “Within thirty minutes, my sister was ‘unblocked’ from the mother’s phone and the cash is set to return today at 2 pm,” she wrote. “We’ll see how it goes, but my guess is these parents are done scheming people. I have informed my sister that she should do her best to publicly shit-smear them on our local Facebook group, NextDoor (as someone recommended), and someone also suggested doing a one-star Google review of her house which we plan to do,” they write.

The moral of the story? Always save text messages regarding financial transactions and ALWAYS pay your babysitter — even if you think your children are “easy.”

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