Mom Won't Let Dad Be Alone With Their New Baby Because He Smokes

We all know that smoking is horrific for your health and that second-hand smoke is almost as deadly as smoking yourself. While parents try to keep their children from being exposed to second-hand smoke, it's hard when one of the parents is a smoker themselves. One new mother recently revealed that in an effort to avoid her daughter being exposed to second-hand smoke she doesn't allow her husband, who is a smoker, to be alone with his own daughter!

In a since-deleted post on Reddit, the new mother complained that her husband thinks she's being "too precious" with their baby because she won't let him spend time alone with their 7-month-old daughter."'I've been told that I'm too precious with her since the day she was born, but it is being brought up in every single argument and I've had enough!" the Daily Mail reports. "I simply don't see a reason for him to take her anywhere. It's not like he wants to go for a walk with her, all he ever asked was to take her to his parents (who smoke)."

She also went on to explain that her husband, who has never changed a dirty diaper nor bathed his daughter, only wants to take her out on his own to be "spiteful" and "the only purpose [of the trip] is to force me into being away from her." She admits that she makes him ask for permission before taking his daughter out saying, "I KNOW I'm precious with her, no doubt!" She then goes on to question whether or not her husband doesn't "appreciate the good job I'm doing?" Clearly, she doesn't see any issues with how she parents writing, "But I think it's a good thing and I wish he would appreciate me being a good mother rather than making me look like a lunatic."

Many commenters were critical of the new mother's methods. "You sound like a total psychopath," wrote one commenter. "If my wife tried to keep me from spending alone-time with my son (she wouldn't, she's not a psychopath) I would divorce her and seek custody."

Other felt like both parents were at fault in this situation. "Sounds like he isn't doing much to help raise your child but also you aren't letting him do much," wrote one person. "Your stance against him spending alone time with her is probably making him feel more and more distant every day."

"From your side of the story- you don’t trust him and he doesn’t help you and he frequently does things just to spite you-you two have bigger problems than how overprotective you are with the baby," wrote another.

The new mom has since deleted her post but hopefully, she and her husband can get some help on how to co-parent peacefully and equally.

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