Mom Warns Others Of Scary Reason Your Child Should Not Be Using TikTok

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It is no surprise that children, preteens and teenagers are addicted to their cell phones and gadgets. They are also drawn into the lures of the various popular social media sites. TikTok is one of the biggest hits right now, with videos constantly going viral over multiple platforms. However, one mom is warning about the hidden dangers found within the popular app.

When her 11-year-old daughter first found the app, TikTok, she thought it was pretty adorable. Watching her practice the dance moves made her marvel at how the app sparks creativity and physical activity. It seemed like a pretty good deal.

It was also a great bonding experience for mom and her daughter, as they laughed about doing the dances and mouthing to the songs together. However, after the mom investigated the app a little bit more, her joy turned quickly to horror.

She had been watching and following her daughter’s friends for a while and she began to get worried about the impact it could have on the young and impressionable minds. There are countless songs within the TikTok app that have children and young adults mouthing words that should never be in their vocabulary.

She worries since a lot of parents don’t tend to monitor the videos their children create and may have no idea what exactly they are doing. She also stated that she knows these children do not understand the words and the impact behind them when they say them. They really just think they are having fun and being part of the cool and trendy crowd.

She also points out that it has a class system that may have some children feeling left out. There are numerous posts showing groups of children and labelled as, “my besties” and “my squad.” She worries about the impact on a child when they realize that they are not within any of these groups when they scroll through the app.

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The other big concern she points out is that a lot of young people tend to use TikTok to document their whole day. This can lead to safety concerns for children, as anyone is able to see where they are at any given point of the day. She urges all parents to please monitor the apps that their children are using and watch the footage they are posting.

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