Mom Wants To Ban 'Childless Millennials' From Disney World In A Viral Facebook Rant

Now, our love for Disney is no secret. We've shared many times about our obsession with the movies, the characters, the merchandise, and of course, the parks. We LOVE visiting Disney theme parks! There's really no place like them in Earth - they're seriously magic. We've gone on our own, with friends, with our partners, and we've taken our kids. And each and every time, it's amazing! Each visit is something new and special, depending on who you're there with. For example, experiencing the magic of Disney through a child's eyes is indescribable.

But you know what? Going to Disney without kids is some of the most fun you will ever have. Adult Disney is like no other, and if you can, we urge you to visit with your partner or friends and no kids! But some people ... well, some people have VERY strong feelings about going to Disney without kids. Some people are, to put it lightly, completely and utterly off their rocker. This lady's rant about child-free people at Disney parks is something to behold.

Twitter user @JenKatWrites shared this WILD take on people going to Disney parks without kids. You guys, this is one of the most insane, hilarious things we have ever had the pleasure of reading. Here's the entire rant for your entertainment.

Image: Twitter/@JenKatWrites

Disney World is a FAMILY AMUSEMENT PARK, you guys. It's not for lowly childless people (who, ironically, have the most disposable income to drop at these places, but we digress). This woman went OFF on people at Disney World without kids. Somehow, she blames a woman in "slutty" shorts for buying a Mickey pretzel and making her kid cry? Because apparently the line was too long for her to wait in line and ... buy a pretzel? And don't get her started on lines, you guys! MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE TO STAND IN LINE. They should be allowed to skip all the lines, presumably creating ... new lines ... in which they have to wait. We don't even know. This is, hands down, the best and most entitled mommy rant we have ever seen.

Take your kids to Disney. Leave your kids at home and go to Disney. Wear those slutty shorts and buy the last pretzel and eat it directly in front of a mom and her crying children. Do it for all the immature millenials in the world! It is your duty, as a human and a Disney fan.

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