Mom Wants Answers After Daughter Comes Home With Note Taped To Her Shirt

Brittany Messum is just a regular mother in southeast Calgary. She has a four-year-old daughter named Ezrah who attends Penbrooke Meadows School. She is demanding answers after her daughter returned from school one day with a note taped to her body. The note was from the school administration.

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The little girl went to school like normal on Tuesday, November 19th but when she came home her mother noticed an accessory that was not there when she left in the morning. The girl had a note taped to her shirt informing parents about an upcoming parent-teacher conference.

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Brittany took to Facebook to air her woes about what she found on her daughter. She stated, “She comes home with a friggen (sic) note tape to her chest like she’s some kind of dummy or I’m some kind of idiot.” Strong words from an upset mother.

Brittany spoke to the local news the next day. She stated that her daughter, who is in kindergarten, was clearly upset and was asking questions as to why the note was taped to her.

“When she opened her coat and I had seen the note, I was confused at first and then I was angry, not understanding why something had been taped to my daughter. Like, there are other forms of communication.” In fact, we live in the age of technology, making the taped letter seem even more archaic.

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Brittany says that she also does not understand the method of communication, because she had received other correspondences. She stated that she usually always gets a letter in her backpack or an e-mail. She even said there is a phone that they can always call. A lot of other methods of getting the attention of a parent.

The note specifically was speaking about the parent-teacher interviews and was inquiring as to whether the parents were going to be able to make it to their appointment. An appointment that was already booked. Brittany also saw the note as unnecessary due to the fact that the appointments were already booked.

A Calgary mother is demanding answers as to why her daughter was sent home with a note from her school taped to her...

Posted by Nigel Todman on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Brittany also said that her daughter was not the only one singled out. There were a few other students who had the notes taped to their bodies. Brittany had met with the school staff on Wednesday, but no one could give her an answer as to why it happened. “She just went in circles … it’s almost like she didn’t know how to explain it, or she was scared to explain it.” Brittany stated. Brittany does plan on moving her daughter into another classroom.

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