Mom Who Went Viral For Sharing Her Overdose Story Celebrates 3 Years Sober

3 years ago, police officers in Indiana found mother Erika Hurt and her infant son in her car. Erika was incapacitated in the front seat of her car with a syringe in her hand and it appeared that she had overdosed. When you hear a story like this, you assume that it will end tragically but fortunately this one has a happy ending.

A picture of the scene was captured, shared online by local police and went viral, getting millions of views. Hurt rather than being upset by the picture, recently shared on her Facebook page how her overdose and the picture of it was a wake-up call and that October 22nd marked the 3 year anniversary of her sobriety. She shared her inspirational story along with a beautiful photoshoot of her with her son. She also shared a side by side picture of the viral overdose picture from 3 years ago and a current picture with her holding up a sign that said “Narcan saved my life” and her son, now 3 holding up a sign that read “And now I get to have my mommy.” In her post, she wrote “Millions saw me overdose after a photo taken of me by a police officer went viral,” she wrote in the post. “None of those people have seemed to have time to reach out and check on me, so here is an update: Today I celebrated three years clean and my son gets to have his mommy back. How about you make THAT go viral! #TheAddictsDiary.”

You guysssss!! 😭😭😭 Today marks THREE ENTIRE YEARS of sobriety for me! Y'all already know, but allow me to recap. 3...

Posted by Erika Hurt on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Addicts Diary is a Facebook blog that is dedicated to sharing the stories of people who have overcome addiction. On October 26th, 4 days after sharing her story to her personal page she shared her update with the Addicts Diary as well. Hurts original post about her sobriety anniversary received over 5,000 likes and was shared over 4,000 times by well-wishers. This post to The Addicts Diary has gotten over 95,000 shares and 125,000 reactions since sharing it a few days ago.

After arriving on the scene, police were able to bring Hurt back to life with Narcan, which is an antidote to opioids that comes in the form of a nasal spray. When it is used for an overdose, it can be highly effective. The opioid crisis has caused it so that its common for police officers and first responders to have been trained in how to use it and to carry it with them. Hurt went on to say that she was thankful that the police officers who found her used it on her and gave her the opportunity to get sober rather than passing judgment on her. She also mentions that it saddens her that her son was not enough to want to get sober and live 3 years ago, but he is her main motivation now.

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