Mom Texts Ashton Kutcher To Help Buy Shoes For Son's Cross-Country Team

Ashton Kutcher

CNN.com, has reported a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for a Texas mom, who wanted to help out her son's cross-country team. Monica Gutierrez sent a text to actor, Ashton Kutcher and to her surprise he actually responded!

Gutierrez told CNN that her son, Oswaldo Briones, joined the eighth-grade cross-country team for the first time. One of his friends got hurt while running for the team. He was wearing everyday shoes, instead of the running shoes he needed, as uniform for the team. She felt so bad and wished to buy the teammate a pair of proper running shoes. She confessed that she wasn't able to afford a new pair for the boy, because she is a single mother trying to make ends meet with three kids.

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Of course, the parents of the team members were trying to organize a fundraiser for the team. When a door of opportunity opened up. Gutierrez, who follows Ashton Kutcher on Instagram, saw a post from him inviting fans to text him. She took the golden ticket. Why not? To her surprise, days later she got an email from Kutcher's representatives, asking her to email them what the team needed.

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Credit: CNN.com

"I didn't think much of it, I didn't know if it was true or if I was being played or it was just something that wasn't going to happen," she said to CNN. Ironically, Kutcher hosted a prank show called, "Punk'd."

She emailed them the boys shoe sizes and all other specifics. The Friday before the race, the shoes were delivered straight to her door. The moms of the team were super excited, more than the boys. The boys were happy to get the shoes they needed, but many of them were like, "Who's Ashton?"

Ashton's representatives followed up after the delivery, wishing the team good luck. Oh, and did it work! They won their regional meet and came in third place in the state. Gutierrez wants to express her gratitude towards Kutcher. She just felt that he did this out of the kindness of his heart, and she appreciates that. Thank you Ashton Kutcher for caring for our future; the children.

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