7-Year-Old Girl Was Viciously Bullied At School, Now Mom Is Suing

Bullying is nothing new, but one Philadelphia area mother was so shocked by the vicious bullying her daughter endured that she has filed a lawsuit against the school district. The mother claims her daughter was subject to endless bullying, slut-shaming, and physical assault while at school. Despite reporting the alleged bullying and following the school's protocol, the bullying persisted.

Nakita Sibert-Mosley's daughter was just in the second grade during the 2017-2018 school year when she claims her daughter was the victim of vicious bullying at Robert E. Lamberton School, Philly Mag reports. According to the lawsuit, Sibert-Mosley noticed a change in her daughter's behavior almost immediately after she started the new school year. She said in the lawsuit that she contacted school officials in October after noticing that her daughter was coming home with bruises and injuries.

Although during the October meeting with school administrators both Sibert-Mosley and her daughter were assured the situation would be dealt with, she claims her daughter continued to be the victim of bullying and was continuing to come home with injuries. On October 10 Sibert-Mosley filled out a formal complaint form and submitted it along with a journal her daughter had been keeping, documenting the bullying she was being subject to. According to the lawsuit, "the journal described boys in school calling her a ‘bitch,’ saying that she was ugly, and slut-shaming her."

She alleges her complaint received no response in the time frame that was promised and that her daughter continued to suffer. The suit continues to describe incidents involving bullying that the second-grader was subject to, but states that it was after a March 2018 incident in which a teacher informed Sibert-Mosley that her daughter was scratched in the face with scissors at school that the young girl told her mother that she wished she were dead.

Sibert-Mosley removed her daughter from the school soon after and has now filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia School District seeking unspecified damages. She is accusing the school of " violating Title IX by allowing a hostile environment of sexual harassment to exist and failing to properly investigate it," Philly Mag writes.

Individual teachers and officials have also been named in the suit, accused of "negligent infliction of emotional distress."

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