Mom Shares Heartbreak As Photographer Offers Airbrushing To Cover Her Son's Eczema

Eczema is something that effects millions of people all over the world. It is an itchy, rash-like condition that can appear anywhere on the skin. It is painful, annoying and can be a bit embarrassing. It even can affect children as young as infants.

Jack Todd is one of those children, who was diagnosed with eczema just after his first birthday. His case is so severe that it even appears on his face. His mother, Emma Nunn, has tried multiple different ways to treat her son’s condition and provide him some comfort but nothing has completely worked. She has even delved into steroid creams to try and calm some of the itchy rashes.

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She even has stated that her son’s case is so severe that it has caused strangers to stop and stare at his sweet little face. However, nothing would prepare them for what they were about to endure when they wanted to get some nice family photographs done.

When Jack was just 18 months old, they had an interaction with a photographer who said something that broke their heart. Emma noted that after the shoot, the photographer asked if they wanted their son’s skin to be edited. She explains that the simple statement was enough to break her heart.

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She stated that her son looked so incredibly happy in those photos and she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to airbrush him. “I actually ended up walking out telling the people at the studio, ‘We’re not doing business with you.” Emma exclaimed.

She also explains negative interactions she has had from other mother’s who are worried that her son’s condition is contagious. “You would hear them saying things like, ‘Stay away from that little boy.’ Then you would hear children saying, ‘What’s that on his face? It doesn’t look very nice.”

Credit: www.mylifestylemax.com

Eczema does not have a clear cause, and therefore there is not a set-in-stone treatment option. Emma has since found a product that is offering some relief to Jack, but she is still haunted by the thought the photographer had. Emma doesn’t see her son as anything but perfect and wouldn’t change anything about him.

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