Mom Fires Back At Family Member Who Shames Her For Drinking Coffee While Breastfeeding

If you're a coffee-lover and a mom, then you'll likely be familiar with the limitations recommended for pregnant women. If - like us - you're prone to downing four cups of java before you've even opened your email in the morning, then scaling things back to 200mg of caffeine a day can be tough. However, there's a common misconception that expectant moms shouldn't drink any coffee at all. There's an even bigger misconception that breastfeeding moms should also veto the delicious pick-me-up. One mom recently discovered this the hard way, when she was shamed by a relative for drinking coffee while feeding.

A mother of a 2-month-old took to an online forum to vent her frustrations. In the post, username Kurlsandpearls explained, "I got mom-shamed by a family member because I'm breastfeeding my almost 2-month-old and had a second cup of coffee." The OP said that it's not unusual for her to have two cups a day, because she's 22, "overworked and tired, and have a pile of homework and assignments to do."

It was later revealed that it was her step-grandmother who berated her, saying, "Didn't I tell you yesterday that too much caffeine is bad for the baby?"

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When other members of the forum rallied in support, Kurlsandpearls told them the wondrous tale of how she shut her pesky relative down. She told her grandmother, "I dropped him this morning because I was so tired, so caffeine is probably the least of our worries. Here's the baby, I'm going to go smoke a cigarette!"

The 22-year-old was quick to point out that she was being sarcastic, and did neither of those things. She was simply trying to prove a point - and one which was received loud and clear.

Not only did she get an apology from the older woman, but a promise to butt out in the future. Although, Nana didn't exactly take the rebuke lying down. Her stepmom later blamed the mother's response on hormones, before telling other family members to "watch out" because she was on a "mean streak."

The mom who was shamed got some support from others who replied to her story and offered her some encouragement.

"Friend, when my oldest was two months old I couldn’t have done an assignment that requires brain power to save my life," one person replied. Continuing, "You are killing it even if it is messy. I pictured that whole scene with step-gram and really it should be a graphic novel about how fucked being a new mom can be. We are rooting for you, hang in there."

Well, you can't win them all, but Kurlsandpearls certainly stuck it to the gran.

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