Moms Says Her Mother-In-Law Keeps Asking For A Lock Of Her Daughter's Hair

In-laws can be strange entities that sometimes feel they come from outer space. While the importance of a dedicated set of grandparents can't be denied (shout out to them) things might not always click. Perhaps it's a clash of personalities or a generational divide. Perhaps they have been sent from the planet Zurg to test us. According to The Stir, one mom has been left feeling entirely creeped out when her MIL started asking for locks of her daughter's hair. The grandmother wanted to take a strand of the youngster's hair to put in a locket, but mom feels like this is crossing a line.

In a Reddit post, she explained, "My MIL has asked on several occasions for me to give her some of my daughter's hair. I keep avoiding answering because she's never had a haircut and therefore I don't have any to give. Her asking for my daughter's hair bothers me for two reasons." The poster went on to explain that she felt it was a ritual that should be reserved for mothers and daughters only. "I have saved some of my daughter's hair for her baby book," she admitted, before saying that the grandmother is trying to "insert herself into something that was supposed to be between me and my child."

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The second reason is something that a lot of us can relate to. "She has not asked for a lock of my son's hair." As it happens, the grandmother has four grandchildren in the family and hasn't asked for anyone's locks before. Mom believes that is favoritism. What's more, she thinks that her mother in law knows that it's a strange request, and therefore appears "sheepish" when she brings it up. Like most posters on Reddit raising an issue like this, the mother was most likely looking for support and vindication. She didn't get it.

Instead, the majority of comments sided with the grandmother, with one person calling the OP "weird." Another said, "Seriously, this mom has some bizarrely strong feelings about this. IT'S HAIR." While a handful of replies backed the poster, the consensus was largely overwhelming.

After all, you can't cry over spilled milk - or in this case, chopped hair.

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